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No, you don't understand! Those people that leave their homes and in some cases, their families behind, to go on a mortally dangerous journey without a garantee to find better lives - they just want to take your precious culture away from you! /s

Yeah, I've seen the same thing with Digg and before that, with several forums I used to frequent, like the awesome forum of Pythonline.

Who would have thought we would give robots the ability to kill us volontarily?

It's not really the dinosaurs that are the weapons in this case though, rather they're like living tanks weapons and people are strapped to.

Ghostbusters - I can pretty much quote the whole thing.

LOTR-Trilogy - One of the few perfect trilogies.

The Fountain - Both heartbreakingly sad and strangely uplifting, it never fails to move me.

That's a bold statement since you've seen only a few seconds of this Joker. I'll wait till I've seen the actual movie before giving a verdict on this version of the character. I have to say I like the voice (almost sounds like Hamill) and Leto's crazy eyes.

Well, biased or not, I take science over magical beings that are their own son any day.

Voat is giving them the same thing Reddit gave them. Hubski on the other hand, gives you something similar, yet different. I like to use both, with Voat feeling more like methadone as opposed to Hubski, which feels like a new and exciting drug.

Like the article says, human beings seem to be psychologically unable to grasp such a monumental change until it's upon us.

20 years ago, I learned in school that if nothing is done to stop global warming, we will have record droughts, floods and rising sea levels. I boggles the mind that there are still people denying the reality of global warming when all predictions have become true, some even earlier than predicted.

But it's really scary that everyone of us is right in the middle of an apokalyptic scenario right out of sci-fi, and yet only few seem to be aware of it. We will see the beginnings of a future totally different from our own world in our lifetime.

Johann Karl August Musäus was a German author who collected German folk and fairy tales before the Grimms, among them stories about the Silesian/Bohemian folklore spirit Rübezahl/Liczyrzepa/Krakonos. Parts of his "Volksmärchen der Deutschen" have been translated by William Thomas Beckford as Popular Tales of the Germans (1791), and three tales were included in German Romance (1827) translated by Thomas Carlyle.

Then there is Ottfried Preußler, a modern German author of children's books, who also wrote about Rübezahl as well as Krabat, a magician from Sorbian folklore. His novel "Krabat" has been translated into English, the one about Rübezahl not, sadly.

I go the Voat when I crave something like Reddit, I go to Hubski when I crave something different. Simple as that.