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Just mentioning a concept does nothing to argue for it.

How much functionality does it have? Is it comparable to a smartphone? Or comparable to a smartphone ca. 2008?

Thanks for responding, I've been here for a year soon enough, but as you might guess I'm just lurking.

It would be interesting to see if sites where anonymity is prevalent (Like 4chan) also fell under this 90% rule. It wouldn't surprise me if it were different.

I'm not trying to argue that Hubski should be more anonymous, it would pretty much counteract most of what Hubski is. But rather I think that this "Snake-oil" isn't that elusive, it's just that the snake oil is more of a double-edged sword. Anonymity - and per extension more content - isn't always what you want. Sure you get more engaging participants in a discussion, and it would probably help creating a more diversely opinionated userbase. But at what cost?

I've frequented some of the non-/b/ boards of 4chan for a long while, and while discussion is everywhere, it rarely meets any quality standards except proper spelling and grammar.

There are a lot of places on the internet to have that kind of free-for-all debate, of which most remind me more of a gladiatorial arena than of a conversation between differing opinions. I personally don't think that Hubski should strive to be another one of those. I like Hubski quite a lot the way it is, not saying it shouldn't change at all, but I think one of the areas that shouldn't be compromised on are these quality standards.

You must understand, hashtags isn't like subreddits on reddit.

They're more like Hashtags on twitter. When you post something, you choose a tag for it. This just means that the people who are going to see your link are: Those who follow you. Those who follow the tag you've chosen. And those who follow those who share your post. Tagging is for choosing what demographic of Hubski you think would find your post most interesting. So when you find something that is related to Firefly, you'd tag it as Firefly, this informes all that follow you that you're interested in Firefly, and if they agree with you in liking Firefly, they might just choose to follow the tag aswell. When it isn't there when you search for it, it's because noone has tagged something #Firefly. This isn't necessarily connected to this being a small community, but might as well be because other people interested in Firefly have simply chosen to use the tag #Sciencefiction, because it may resonate with more people, and it has a guarenteed amount of people that will see it.

You can always create the tag #Firefly if you wish to, by posting something and tagging it as such.

Maybe for shortlinking?

Like youtube does there could be

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