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kantos  ·  484 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: September 20, 2017

Looks like the place still filling out. A mojito please.

Life is going swimmingly since the area's gotten back up and running. My favorite park is still flooded over, but that hopefully will dry up in the next few weeks.


Everything is pushed back due date wise, and classes are crammed in. For the most parr, everything benefits my learning since we're getting more take-home work. Also, I've gotten ahead of some classes. Aside from that, my time prepping for Irma at my 'rents house was spent looking for my old Astrodynamics notes which has hella overlap in my GIS, Astronomy, and Calc courses. On another note, thanks for the suggestions on the alternatives to caffiene. Been playing with a mix of them and seeing which I like more. Aside from that, the goal of getting to bed easier - not kept up by caffiene - is achieved.

Also, this GIS stuff is dope. We're getting spoon fed how to use the program during lecture. With careful notes, its an easy way to pick up another skill. Ex:

This map is in the works displaying how roads related to high population cities. The sheer amount of data available to us boggles my mind. The goal of the class is to learn how to make 'good maps' alongside learning geographic information systems/sciences.


Slowly stratching off my 2017 goals. The amount of work on myself since my last intimate relationship (as much as a teenager's can be) felt it warranted putting myself out there in hopes of seeing how I show up for myself and others when engaged in something other than platonic partnerships. Funny enough, success was found on an app. I met someone my age who's very new to the area, and starting on her PhD. Hot damn. I don't think I'd say we hit it off, but apparently it was good enough to warrant another meet up. Honestly, I'm confused. This is a first where I can't say I have butterflies in my stomach or any crazy nerves. Granted, we just met, I'm surprised to note there isn't a rush or thrill of meeting like I'm used to. Is this normal? Does this mean I don't care as much? Or is this growth? I distinctly remember during my time learning relationship counseling that the harder people feel initially attracted, the most they have in common with regards to woundings. Maybe that's a part of it, and maybe that's good. Anyways, I've been getting some real real affirmative feedback from her, so looking forward to how the week plays out. The read of the situation is so natural and anti-thetical to the hook-up culture people my age are known for. It's actually nice. It compliments the lack of nerves, and makes for a solid foundation for an actual friendship if the next step isn't intimate. Who would have thought... pinging lil, OftenBen, and goobster. Curious on y'all's thoughts on nerves vs. not in dating. If you're willing to share.


On the whole, in an alright place. Using my notepad to draw stronger emotions rather than journaling. That said, looking forward to the occasional rd95 "Creatives of Hubski" threads.

It's the high holidays. I know there's a few Landsman here. L'Shanah Tova. Here's to an easy fast coming up.

EDIT: Don't think I'm explicit enough, the reason I'm most confused with the situation is the affirmations I'm getting despite feeling I'm not doing anything extraordinary or at least what I'd think is the right thing. Leads me to think either something's amiss with how/why she's reacting like so. Or I'm just a flat out idiot. So much for a lack of nerves. Guess theres a way to think nervous without feeling it.