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I don't even know what buttons I pushed to get here.

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I tried to explain to Dala earlier this morning when she brought up the subject, and I clumsily used the word "boring." Know how you know you married the right kind of person? When you accidentally diss your relationship and they're not even made because they know you didn't mean to. Anyhow . . .

Way back before we got married, I was thinking about us and how I felt. I knew very easily that I was quite enamored with her, but more importantly, it was in a very calm way. There wasn't a sense of excitement to our relationship, though we did have and still do have quite a lot of fun together. It was more quiet and calm and comforting, like sitting beside a creek on a summer afternoon or staying in bed under the covers on a cold winter morning. There was no sense of urgency or uncertainty in our relationship or how I felt about her and I realized that there's something special and rare to that, to feeling deeply in love but at the same time completely calm, and I doubt I'd ever find something that firm with someone else. So, after that, I just knew what I should do.

Two thoughts that I can't connect.

1) This seems like a large scale example of the rubber boots theory. If even half the benefits that people tout for green energy are true, in the long run, this kind of thing would pay off. The problem is, the upfront cost and the time frame make it hard to seem worth while.

2) I used to play strategy games from time to time. Mostly Master of Orion II. Everynow and again you'd come across a scenario where you could make ship A in five turns or ship B in twenty five turns. One of ship B was significantly more capable than five ship As combined, but sometimes you didn't want to or even couldn't wait twenty five turns, so you'd dump a shit ton of reserve cash to rush the build. I wonder if people have been working hard to figure out the perfect balance between wait time and cost to implement green energy so the highest number of supporters would be willing to jump on board with the plan.

It's been years since I've gone to a zoo (I need to fix that), but I still distinctly recall how big and imposing rhinos seem even when they're fifty feet away. They really are like tanks.

Holy crap! That was awesome. Shame the dude got banned from r/videos, but that's Reddit for you I guess.

Oh man. I wish I kept my original bit. I started with "You know, if you told me this morning that I was gonna take some time out of my day to defend an opinionist, I couldn't really see it happening. But here I am."

    This is effectively LolBrooks going "hey you guise like young people are interesting and shit" because he just learned that.

To be fair to Brooks, and I'm being serious here when I'm saying "to be fair to Brooks," no one is ever too old to make positive discoveries. That he is enthusiastic enough to want to write about the issue and show it to the world, shows he's either A) somewhat sincere in his thoughts or B) finding positive encouragement to try and think this way. Naive or not, cloistered or not, elitist or not, awkward metaphors or not, he's trying here, and that's something to be not only encouraged, but celebrated.

Serious question. Is there a criticism here, other than his somewhat awkward metaphor? I mean, fuck, I'm full of awkward metaphors. He's trying to say something positive here though and I think he has some points.

    Their lives are examples of the power of love to slice through tribal identity. If you start with the Amphibian approach - that every new and different person you meet is first of all my brother, my sister - then the concept of difference changes. The emotional atmosphere is transformed.

I mean, he's no Desomnd Tutu, but his heart seems to be in the right place on this one.

Doesn't part of the whole concept of location locking, like region locks on DVDs, have to do partly because of controlling prices (for example, a DVD might cost $2 in Thailand and Vietnam but $15 in the US) and also because different companies have different distribution rights for different regions?

    Hey Siri. Tell the boss to die in a fire after he's done fucking his own sister." And Siri will dutifully text that.

I'm sure Apple will find a way to spin that as a feature. :)

As a bonus, apparently there are complaints starting to circle around the internet that the silicone they use on the bottom of the speaker reacts negatively to a lot of wood finishes, leaving rings and scuff marks. So like, once you start using it, you can never remove it unless you wanna refinish your bookshelf.

    The only reason I'm remotely considering the latter is gaming compatibility.

FYI, in case you didn't know. Good Old Games has a huge Linux compatible library.

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