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I don't even know what buttons I pushed to get here.

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It is my sincerest hope that as big box retail continues to flounder, mom and pop shops will start to make a comeback. In my opinion, the atmosphere and level of service in addition to knowing I'm supporting the local economy is well worth both the price premium and the additional time required to shop.

Yeah. You have some good points. Knowledge and a social atmosphere you can appreciate do go a long way. I never looked at it from that perspective, but now that I think about it part of the reason I love mom and pop shops so much, from books and comics to antiques to pet supplies, is because of the conversations I have there. Plus their advice is always appreciated and sometimes leads to additional sales, which is a win for both them and me.

rd95  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Shopski: MR2 Intake Pipe

Two MR2s was probably the right way to go.

rd95  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: David Frum: The Republican Waterloo

    That said, I agree that we might start seeing a little soul-searching from both parties now.

It really seems that particular congress/administration/political environment might be the one that finally starts an end to hyper partisanship. The parties in question are doing soul searching. The media is doing soul searching. Special interest groups of all shapes and colors are finding new and open ears all over the place. This time around could finally lead to something new.

Or we could double down in stubborn and stupid. That's always an option.

rd95  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: New AHOY Video!! The Rocket Launcher

. . . but it does have cool little gems like guys documenting the progress of their first bee colonies or tutorials on how to paint miniature gaming figures in different styles to make them stand out. It's just a shame, because the really nifty and worthwhile videos are often really niche, which means they're not going to get as many hits. For those videos, production value or the lack of is kind of secondary, because the value of an enthusiastic person saying hey, "here is a 50 year old model train I picked up at an antique fair and it's just so great I wanted you to see" is more important than text over images.

Eh. English/Grammar is like math. Most of us are gonna learn more than we need to, then only remember what we need to get by. However, just like rocket engineers need really good math, there are some professions such as lawyers who need really good english.

There are TONS of words like that, I'm frustrated I can't think of any off the top of my head other than "terrific." What's amazing is that there are English linguists who track when words first came into use, how their popularity and use fluctuates over time, etc. I'm sure they're doing a very necessary job, but at first glance, it seems trivial.

To kind of piggyback off of kleinbl00's example and some of the ground he's already covered, English has "rules" in the sense of "ideally speaking, this is what you're supposed to do." Unfortunately, the rules are more like guidelines and because we borrow elements from Latin and Germanic languages, culturally entrenched coloquialisms, and academic fads and trends, the rules are all muddled up. Combined that with the fact that it's very easy to be ambiguous in English, both intentionally and unintentionally, for some degrees and studies, a heavy focus on grammar is necessary.

Edit: Personal anecdote, I collect antique books. There's a noticeable difference in editing styles starting in books from the '50s. The further back you go, the more noticeable the differences become. Punctuation becomes weird. Syntax gets weird. Shit, even something that you take for granted like indentation and spacing gets weird.

I know sometimes I tend to get frustrated in some of the deeper conversations because I have a hard time clearly expressing my point and/or I'm more emotionally invested in a concept than I really have cause to. I very much try to keep it in check, sometimes fail, and always feel bad about it in retrospect. In fact, I remember a particular conversation between the two of us and the quality of Mustangs where I let things get to me.

So what I'm trying to say is, if I'm one of the users being referenced, I am aware, I'm sorry, and I'm sincerely trying to work on it.

rd95  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: New AHOY Video!! The Rocket Launcher

It was awesome to see Metal Slug in there. That game series is balls crazy, from level design to character design to the sheer number of enemies and bullets on screen for a platformer. Definitely one of SNK's best series.

It's a shame he also left out the Turok series. For the Quad Rocket Launcher, the description in the manual was "Need we say more?" Definitely one of the best guns in the game.

rd95  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Unerased: Counting Transgender Lives

Every life lost is a tragedy and justice should not exist solely when it's convenient.

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