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I don't even know what buttons I pushed to get here.

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rd95  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are you playing?

I got a little bit further in Dark Souls III yesterday. I only play it a couple days a week for a couple hours of a time, otherwise I'd probably never get off the game. I could easily see myself playing it from sunup to sundown if I let myself.

Like others on here, Dala and I are both huge fans of Fallout: New Vegas, but unfortunately our 360 disk got a crack in it so I'm gonna have to get a replacement. We're also pretty big fans of Skyrim and I'm thinking maybe going out to get an X-Box One version this Friday, but ugh, holiday shopping in big box stores suuucks.

Waiting on my bud to start a Fifth Ed DND campaign. He's got a player lineup going but apparently there's a hitch because two of the people who want to play don't get along at all. I basically told him to tell both of them that A) It's his campaign, B) his house, and C) they're all adults, so either they decide to get along or they don't get to play at all. It's crazy, we're all way too old to have to deal with that highschool shit.

Not to sway you, but the impact of death ripples. Children lose their parents, friends lose each other, people involved in the accident, even if not directly responsible for the death, will suffer emotional trauma. When a person dies before there time, before the world is ready to let them go, they leave behind them a hole like a wound that is hard to heal but easy to re-open.

So yeah, wear your seatbelts and helmets, because it's not just about you. It's also about the people you share your world with.

    lower seatbelt use, higher drunk driving, more speeding.

I blame our cultural sense of individualism and it creating a sense of having a right to ignore the rules when we want. It's everywhere. You see it in the soccer mom taking a cartful of groceries to the express check-out demanding to be served because she doesn't want to wait in line. You see it in young computer users who torrent television shows or video games because they don't want to pay full price for entertainment. You see it in the rich who store their wealth in tax havens. We have tabloids about celebrities with substance abuse or marital problems. We have whole genres of heroes who flaunt authority from comic book characters who engage in vigilante justice to cowboys, soldiers, and cops who decide to take matters into their own hands. We not only engage and celebrate in this behavior, but we always seem to find ways to justify it.

So what do we get from that? We get the sense that rules, even ones that are there to protect us and keep us from harming ourselves and each other, can be pushed, bent, broken, and worked around. Use you're seatbelt cause it's safe. Don't speed cause speeding is dangerous. Don't drink and drive because it's super dangerous. Don't expect those rules to apply to you though, cause you're an American, you can do what you want. Then when someone tells you no, punishes you, or heaven forbid something disastrous happens, you get to play the outrage/entitlement/victim card.


Looks like Skaters released a new album this year. I guess it's one more to add to the list to order when I swing by the record store this week.

goobster, veen, for some reason I let myself get dogged on this and I chose the worse time to be dogged on something because my head is fuzzy and it obviously shows and while that's a reason it's not a good excuse because this all turned into a big mess and I can't help but feel guilty for making you guys angry and so I'm really, really sorry.

kleinbl00, sorry for shouting out to you if you thought I was trying to drag you into this. I wasn't. I just always use the "@" symbol when mentioning a specific user on here because I don't want people to think I'm talking about them behind their back.

I really and truly feel bad about getting out of hand and I feel really childish and I'm incredibly embarrassed and I respect the hell out of the three of you and I'm honestly so truly sorry and if there's anything I can do to make it up to any of you just let me know and I'll see what I can figure.

Edit: And sorry to Hubski as a whole for making a shit show to witness to begin with.

Let's stop for now. PM sent.

    Man, I love ya, but your lack of intellectual precision in your arguments is just exhausting to have to rebut every single time, and these diversions do nothing to move our conversation forward.

Deep down, you know you love it. ;)

    You REALLY think we won't be making most of our utility trips in automated vehicles in under 20 years?

Nowhere in our entire conversation have I contested that we won't. In fact, we've been talking as if it's a given. We're just arguing over whether it's gonna be small personalized vehicles or mass transit and the merits of both.

    How can you, with any intellectual honesty, conflate those two completely different resource streams into one measure of value?!

    The manufacturer pays for the metal, plastic, wiring, FMCSA testing, and designs the vehicle to meet the regulations appropriate to the vehicle in question. They sell the vehicle, and recoup their expenditures, plus profit.

    The buyer pays for fuel, oil, maintenance, expendables, all the other operating expenses, and the depreciation in value of the vehicle itself as it gets used.

    And yet, you devise a completely fictional "resource scale" that takes ALL of the expenditures by the company AND the owner - while still ignoring the environmental cost of the vehicle and its use - and try to measure the vehicle's value against this "resource scale". That doesn't exist. That drives neither the manufacturer or the owner, and never enters into their thinking or balance sheets.

I was trying to oversimplify using MPG as an example. What I'm trying to say is that if we look at mass transit vehicles like buses, in all seriousness, to the best of my understanding per person less metal, rubber, etc. will be needed to produce and maintain the vehicles.

    My day job is in the telematics industry, dealing specifically with how to maintain and track the value of fleets of vehicles. I know the industry inside and out. And no, there is never a point where a large vehicle is less expensive than a small one. It may SEEM like it pencils out, but it doesn't.

I mean, at this point, since you stated it twice, I'll take your word for it.

    Is there a stigma against buses? Maybe there still is. But that's only because promotion of that viewpoint is funded by those who would lose from transportation infrastructure improvements.

There's totally a stigma against buses. In your own words . . .

    And I don't know about you, but I'm not walking 5 blocks with bags of groceries, to ride in an overheated vehicle with non-opening windows, to sit next to insane/smelly/wonderful/tired/happy/unhappy people.

The dirty, crazy, impoverished bus riding customer is like a fucking trope at this point and it's kind of crazy to me that that's a thing since I see tons of business people and college kids at bus stops all the time.

    Public transit works.

Totally does. That's why I keep bringing it up. Mass transit. In the city. Where we're gonna see automation. You already agree with me. Once again, in your own words . . .

    Will AVs be prominent in rural areas? No.

Which means, you and I are both talking about cities. Cities. Cities. Where there are already bus routes. That can be expanded by adding more buses, more bus stops, designated bus lanes, altering traffic lights to accommodate for traffic, and so on and so forth. This is a regular fucking debate for our county because we need to expand our bus lines and I've read the arguments about how it's very doable and won't cost much but people are against it. Here's where it gets crazy, not because of cost, but heaven forbid bus lines go to the suburbs, cause poor people.

    So yeah. What WILL happen, and is already happening, and has happened thousands of times before with any new technology, is that the rich will get it first. Then it will expand to accommodate more and more people.

Which, we're in agreement, in a way, because I'd argue that cities are probably more willing and able to pay for automated vehicles than individuals. The computers and technology and testing is gonna make them hella fucking expensive at first, which is why Tesla's first three vehicles were all in the premium car price range. A city is probably more likely to spend $600,000 on an automated bus than an individual is willing to spend $150,000 for an automated car (both prices pulled out of my ass but I know regular buses are about $450,000 already). There's a buying efficiency there.

From what I understand, they're having all sorts of hinks in their constructing of the cars so around this time, they were supposed to be pumping out like 5,000 a week but that number is closer to a couple hundred. I was talking to someone at work the other day and they said that the reason the first cars were going to employees was because they weren't too sure about build quality and reliability and that employees would be a good avenue at addressing those problems before going to the public and embarrass themselves (kind of like what happened with the Model X). I can't imagine much has changed, because if so, I probably would have seen at least one, even if only in passing.

    In other words, Tesla will have $250 million next week without much effort. If Musk's biography is anything to go by, it means Tesla really needs money right now.

Dude. No lie. I've yet to see a Model 3 on the road.

. . . Which means trucker jobs will probably be safe for a little while longer.

Want a bit of a different discussion? You're gonna love this, cause it's meta as shit.

    Mildly bugged at most. It's just that it comes off as disrespectful when I carefully build my argument and then you say "Nope!" without saying why you disagree.

In order for me to explain why I disagree I'd first have to know why I disagree myself and that's just not how I roll bro.

Firstly, I'm not a very smart man. Like, at all. Which is fine by me because A) that makes absolutely everything I expose myself to the most fascinating shit in the world and B) when I do figure shit out, it's exciting as balls.

Secondly, you gotta understand that my discussion style compared you, kleinbl00, and pretty much half the people on Hubski is very different. When you guys all talk, it's all FACTS! FIGURES! CHARTS! CITATION! CROSS REFERENCES! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Stick that shit in your debate pipe and smoke it! Which, don't get me wrong, is awesome as shit. You guys have the memory retention of lore masters and the Google-Fu of fucking cyber ninjas and that's amazing.

My discussion style? It's nothing like that. It's all, personal experiences, emotional recollection, anecdotes, general observation, inquiry. I'm less facts, facts, facts, and more general idea. I'm not stepping up to the debate podium and throwing down with you guys, cause unless we're debating philosophics, I'm not gonna have a leg to stand on because I don't even know where the legs are let alone what foundation is beneath them. (And on the occasions when I do step up to the podium, I'm all like "Mother fuckers, come fact check me.") Not that I'd want that anyway because that's contentious and disharmonious and honestly, more often than not, the more people actually debate shit the more people tend to not get along. Which, don't get me wrong, cause it's fun in the short term, but honestly? My relationship with some users gets strained from time to time because we debate shit.

So don't think of me as a debate opponent, think of me as the guy who invites you to sit on my back patio to listen to the summer cicadas with me while I ask you to talk about what you find fascinating.

That said, when I say "I disagree blah blah blah blah" what I'm actually doing is saying "please, continue" but just responding "please continue" is A) rude and B) doesn't give you much to go on. Where if I throw anything that I think is remotely relevent out there, you can be all "I'm glad you brought that up cause check the magic shit I'm about to tell you now!"

    Protip: read more nonfiction! Makes you sound smart as hell.

Wikipedia is my non-fiction. I'm literally addicted. :(

That Roadster is insane. He could sell a nerfed version of it and people would still want it. Though if it's a 2+2 configuration, the term "roadster" might be a bit of a misnomer and I remember the last time there was an argument on Hubski about what constitutes a sports car and I think Musk is trying to bring up bad blood.

Edit: Damn. That $200,000 price tag is insane for that kind of performance.

    it borders on insulting.

I can't believe you'd say that! Quite frankly, I'm insulted that you're insulted!

I kid of course. Don't be insulted man, seriously. If anything, I'm tickled pink to be talking to you about this because you know so much. Fucking ask kleinbl00 about me and him and economics and shit. I've probably annoyed the crap out of him with our discussions a dozen times over but I enjoy them because they are insightful, his words help me explore things, and I enjoy his feedback. In all honesty, if this is bugging you, just say "You know, this isn't really the discussion I wanna have with you, so let's cut it" and I'm fine with that.

But you're frustrated now and I don't want you to be frustrated, so let's just table this conversation and maybe down the road, when the subject comes up again (cause we both know it will), we can talk about it some more. For what it's worth, my disagreeing with you isn't me being dismissive of your experience, my disagreeing with you is my seeing things differently and wanting to talk to you to get your perspective. Which you've offered and I appreciate.

But once again, you're frustrated and I don't want that, so let's just cut it here for now.

Edit: Also, I use Wikipedia a lot. It's a crutch of mine. Sorry.

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