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saldejums  ·  2085 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Dear hubski, why are you proud of yourself?

I haven't died for 25 years

saldejums  ·  2404 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: When did you find what you're passionate about (if at all)?

you know job interviewers do not like this. I am shit at selling anything, that includes myself, and most of employers sarcastically ask - but how can I be sure that you will be a good worker? According to you previous experience, you may not show up for the work, because you decided to hitchhike to Bulgaria, photographing birds at some stranger's farm.

Being passionate about most of the things has its negative side.

saldejums  ·  2523 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Downvotes *are* bad for the community.

But without down-votes you end up with silly facebook and 9gag content. If you stoically see downvotes it should not alter your mood. You are the master of your mood, not the random people that dislike your comment, or weather or politics.

Imagine a large feed straight with news, and all get only upvotes - general population will upvote cats instead of any actual news. There is no way how to combat low quality content if you have option only to upvote. It does not work in /r/all, but downvotes are very crucial part of every smaller subreddit.

saldejums  ·  2652 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Will we ever discover new emotions?

I think it depends on the language. Every language has its own names for emotions, some are missing one emotion and have other names for other sets and intensities of emotion that others do not have.

For instance, in my native language there are 7 forms + 2 genders + diminutives for every word. We have a huge collection of words, which stand for one concrete thing, unlike in English. But I still miss a proper word for "Excited" as in [I am excited]. There is no possible way to tell "I am excited" in my language, despite having the word for "exciting". It just is impossible to fashion the word to the feeling due to grammar and it would sound very awkward. So we have to resort to use it in English, or improvise a whole new sentence to tell it.

But English, Russian, Romanian, Polish and pretty much every language I know, lack the word for other emotion, which we have a name for - "Laime".

English equivalent of "Laime" is "happiness". But Latvian equivalent of "Happiness" is "Prieks". You should treat the word "Laime" as a more joyful, happy, sincere and genuine word, divine word, something very special, even connected to love.

We say "Priecks"/"Priecīgs" when we feel joy, moderate happiness about something - be it small things that make us happy, or be it a new car. It is like really genuine "Joy" in English (but Joy is not "Prieks", it is "Bauda").

We say "Laime"/"Laimīgs" when we feel so overwhelmingly happy and satisfied of everything - our life, children, careers, very sincere gifts. It is as pure emotion as it can be! It is something divine, uplifting, something what makes us forget all the trouble.

Unfortunately, you will not find "Laime" used as often in Latvian as "Happy" in English, since "Laime" is much harder to achieve, nearly impossible in our day and age. The word is not therefore beat up and overused - it shows much stronger emotion when used properly. I use it when I feel endlessly, unconditionally in love.

So, as for your question - I think we as a humanity have felt all the emotions, depends on our local culture and influences, if jealousy, hate, love, or other emotions are more acceptable than elsewhere. Our languages give words a far more significant meaning to the same emotions other people don't have the word for in most other languages. Fernweh, scriptulient, Ultracrepidarian, Waldeinsamkeit. Every language is a new treasure cove of words which you may never grok! You may live all your life feeling emotions you will never have the word for.

There even is a word for a dance people accidentally dance when giving right of way to one another by stepping aside, but always end up in front of one another; can't find it right now.


saldejums  ·  2696 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Aether: reddit + bittorrent

The problem with reddit is very simple - everybody wants to be a moderator. So already small subreddits are splkit in meaningless small fractions, which all are mostly dead due to inactivity, the users do not know where the post would be more appropriate, so they do not post. In the end we have very segregated and dead communities - outdoors, anarchism, even NSFW porn network is being segregated beyond any point.

What 4chan does is they made boards where you post things in general by interests - /out/, /p/hotography, so it all is kept by the community to die, age or to continue.

Have no experience with usenet, would be glad to hear something about it. Nothing much is heard nowadays.

I am also impatiently waiting for unix client of this.