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Yeah. I wondered immediately about the standards, and also the bullshit tag.

What's the purpose of the income and net worth standards? If you can pony up the value of the tokens, don't you own a fraction, no matter how small?

Having to meet financial qualifications outside of providing money for the ether-based tokens seems counter to the whole idea of opening up the investment opportunity to many.

The fact that this comes as a threat to some may point to the actual credibility of the idea.

“once untrustworthy, always restricted”

Yep. Seems like a boatload of corruptible power in that statement alone.

Thanks for the recommendation. I picked up a copy of The

Rational Optimist. Matt Ridley lays out a well supported argument for trade increasing prosperity.

Paper warehouse! Dang, man paper is such a waste of energy and resources. It may be destroying America! Deforestation, dangerous lumberjack jobs, bleaching chemicals, and waste products. Just so people can jot down temporary information and toss it out the next day.

Maybe we can come up with a virtual ledger of sorts that could do away with this paper waste!

We would never do that to Mother's Tupperware!

Really guys, let's just be cool here. Peanut butter and Jelly on Wonder Bread at my house. At least, if my wife says it's okay... I'll get back with you.

Good point. I wonder if using "consumes energy" limits the narrative. I searched and found:

Today, 99 percent of Iceland's electricity is produced from renewable sources, 30 percent of which is geothermal (the rest is from dams—and there are a lot of them), according to Iceland's National Energy Authority.Oct 20, 2008

Which then leaves Iceland consuming 100-99 = 1% of their energy each year in the form of nonrenewable energy. It's much better than, say Venezuela, doing the same crypto mining while burning dinosaur bones only.

I am proudly a fat cat bureaucrat middle school teacher. I guess I do provide a service that adds value. It doesn’t always feel that way every day.

I could get paid minimum wage for what I do. That seems fair:

Thanks for the post. I’ll check into it.

Have you happened to read “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence has Declined”. I’m about 3/4 through it and it’s a great read. Lots of data driven arguments about why we humans are killing each other less often. Pinker offers up solid reasoning and evidence of hope for a continually less violent future. It’s worth checking out too.

katakowsj  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Gig Economy immolations begin

Good point, but where do we expect a Limo driver of 40 years to take some responsibility for recognizing the writing on the wall?

Wow. Wanna prove to the other guy that you're scared of him?

Gather up all the people you can and make crazy threats about how badass you are.

Next step, you’ve got to prove it and people get hurt.


Cool. I’ll have to check those out in the future. The Banana always had the edge as far as shirts go. Target stuff usually felt thin and wrinkled way too easily.

I haven't found that to be true. Where are you shopping lately? I've long been a Banana Republic fan, but I can see the future of that may be changing. The overpriced pants that I've bought the Banana have tended to be a good value over time as they were durable and low care (lots of wrinkle free apparrel).

Recently, though I've found Target has got their stuff together and I'm finding they are definitely my go to for pants, especially jeans.

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