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Ouch. I saw this more from the perspective of maybe we re-evaluate more of what if prioritized when folks learn. Highlighters could be useful if a reader used them to summarize points and then quiz themselves, but speaking from experience, I'll be damned if the parents of my students really will ever take it to the degree of scrutiny that you have.

Vouch and Sponsor? They seem effective to me,, but are the connotations correct? Are we creating a new-age Fremasonry or The Loyal Order of Water Buffalo? (For those Flintstones fans).

To me "highlight" seems closer, not there yet, but is there a way to communicate "This account has demonstrated they are here to add more than they take, or not spam the crap out of us all?"

...and thank you for the shout-out bro.

I agree with both of you. Personally, I hardly touch Facebook. Too much posturing and humble-bragging, or just bragging, for me to enjoy.

I've now invested over 2000 days in sharing and interacting with folks on Hubski, so I can get thoughtful feedback on topics I care about.

That feedback would likely be crap if others got to know katakowsj to be a hot-tempered jackoff, which I aim not to be.

I don't enjoy interacting with people that lack a sense of accountability. They tend to be disconnected and obnoxious. Fortunately for us, little of this exists on Hubski.

More evidence that government is not, and should not be run as a business.

It may negatively affect adoption, but I rarely ever check the global feed due to spam. Hubski is awesome because it is not casually accessible. As is any substantive conversation. In order to participate in a thoughtful dialogue, one has to listen, and observe. Hubski is quality over quantity. It's accessible to all that will invest the time to create an account.

True. But they can't really say that publicly. We can however, keep asking for examples of how the EPA is unreasonably hurting their bottom line.

If, somehow, the EPA had, say a regulation that meant to save some subspecies of a common toad that resulted in the shutdown of the entire U.S. Petroleum industry. Then, if that shutdown lead to a huge spike in unemployment, consumer price spikes at the gas pump, and destabilization of global petroleum supply and demand, it would be hard to argue that the EPA was not unreasonable.

We have yet to see any unreasonable EPA policies surface. It seems like a good point to keep pushing. Keep asking, "Where's your evidence guys? Please put up, or shut-up."

Crap. Our great wealth may be the end of us. Looks like there may be too many millionaires and billionaires sitting around the house with nothing else to do but go out and prepare themselves for battle with the "others" that exist in the world in which they are no longer actually needed or an integral part of.

Too many of our most wealthy citizens are the global version of that crotchety old dude at the end of the street that waits in ready at his window, ready to jump out and chase away those filthy little children that dare walk on his lawn.

These people need to get a life and interact with and help real people.

What I'd like to hear from the other side is their examples of unreasonable environmental regulations that are causing such human misery. Can't we all just make that our mantra?

"You're not happy? Please describe for me, in detail, the terrible stuff the EPA is doing?

Trump's presidency is the XFL version of the executive branch.

I just watched a very timely airing of ESPN's 30 for 30 on the rise and fall of Vince McMahon and Dick Ebersol's XFL. The XFL had tremendous hype. It was expected to be a vast improvement over the structure that existed before it by breaking all of the rules. The XFL would finally give us what we really wanted and deserved in football. The XFL set a top ten highest ever rating for it's opening game, people realized that it lacked substance, and it quietly went away in shame.

We can only hope that a Trump administration goes that route.

Whoa. Praise for Michigan's own Gerald Ford. That is nice to hear.

Also a plus, are three alternative courses of action, or at least places to start. This seems a good read for my wife. She's currently convinced we're in a downward spiral toward facism.

Thanks for the post.

Agreed. If the dude is actually a decent choice, it would be wasteful for democrats to spend the political capital where it isn't necessary. Especially when it appears that there may bigger fish to fry.

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