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WTF? I saw the video of the cop shooting Castile for the first time yesterday. Is there something we're all missing? Where was the officer ever in danger? Where is the officer's rational explanation of why deadly force seemed necessary? The officer knew a child was in the car. Wouldn't that have dramatically reduced his inclination to use deadly force? What sort of training do these officers get in de-escalating tense situations? Why has that not been mentioned?

Veen has some excellent opinions and they should be more popular than they are.

Does that qualify? Or, am I just taking the easy route?

Had a friend living in Richmond, Va about 15 years ago. He was at a party. A guy recognized him as a Yankee (my friend is from Detroit) and the guy starts chatting him up asking my friend,"You guys (Yankees) talk about the war much?"

My friend tells me he's thinking of the debacle in Iraq, when the Richmond native says incredulously,"No man, You guys talk about the Civil War much?"

Some folks cannot let stuff go, I guess.

Agreed. I believe, having taught 10-15 year olds for 19 years, I believe that it's a human condition that predisposes us to turn our fear into half-baked reasoning.

People, driven by fear of the unknown, grasp on to the most nonsensical belief systems and pseudo sciences.

Thanks. This fascinating and illuminating. I recently learned of the death (25 yrs old) of a former student of mine. He was in my class as a 4th and 5th grader years ago. I've not yet learned the specifics, likely an overdose, but I think I can see some patterns between his behaviors and this video.

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Agreed....Monkeys slinging their own poop. Not as likely to attract the interest of other as those monkeys that are comfortable enough to just "be". I'll strive a bit more to be the latter.

I agree, in the interview, I heard, (I'll look for a link to it when I have the time), El-Sayed, did also mention atheists in his family and how all voices ought to be heard.

He discussed town hall type meetings he'd been to around Michigan and how he's come to the conclusion, that I agree with wholeheartedly, that people do not care, by and large, for whom you do, or do not, pray to. They really care about what you pray for (or, in the case of atheism, what ideals and values you espouse).

Awesome stuff. To believe in peace is not naive, especially in light of the alternative.

I've been reading some of the Dalai Lama's stuff recently. Same ideas as Ferencz in many ways.

Humans can do such horrific things to one another in the name of duty.

I found myself enjoying reading it, while also withholding my disbelief, The author does a good job of drawing analogies in the development of species. It's relatable and provides a nice advertisement for neuroscience.

Reading this as somewhat possible science fiction is fun.

The author also has a boner for Elon Musk that gets annoying.

Agreed. Panic over the fears that we create in our mind are far beyond the reality of the situation.

This was a timely post for me.

Last Friday, there was an email sent to me from my kids school district. They and the local P.D. were aware of a situation observed by a resident on my street. A car that pulled up to a bunch of junior high boys, waved a handgun as a threat and drove off. Thousands of people were warned immediately that, it turns out, a carload of boys waved a cologne bottle out of a car at another bunch of boys.

I've lived in this neighborhood 14 years and the most serious crime I can confirm is a stolen girls bike. A bike that had been left at the end of a neighbor's driveway for several days.

In addition, to that crap, I had to stop my 1st hour 8th grade math class to speak with our building liason officer. Officer Andy apologized as he stopped a lesson on the Pythagorean Theorem to have me analyze some sixth grader's handwriting.

A note had been found on the floor of my 4th hour class yesterday with ten student names on it, several had been crossed out, and "Demolishe" written on top. Officer Andy had to follow up because a parent had been freaking out over the safety of her kid and the others. More crap made into something from irrational fear.

Tumor is gone. I get checked via MRI once a year now. The chance of recurrence is high, but hopefully years away. I did have a very successful surgery, follow up radiation, and chemo. With all of that, possibly it'll never return. Or, if it does, the current therapies will be enough to keep me going.

In the meantime, I now have adequate motivation to keep healthy. The way I figure it, I could end up living a longer healthier life than I would have if never having had the cancer in the first place.

Good luck. Hopefully you'll find all of the motivation you need in less painful way.

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