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Swedish hacker, computer scientist, space nerd, ham radio operator, feminist. Plenty of projects going on, too little time

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    Help us Obi-wan Mueller, you're our only hope

Isn't he one of the guys that lied you into the iraq war? I find this snoop cuddling quite worrying

This is actually a pretty nice paper

It's almost as if huge sites where the admins have no connection with their users is a bad thing

I'd rather laws like this don't have to get passed. Unfortunately we can't have nice things

Uuh, making site operators liable for what their users do is actually good. That U.S. admins can throw their hands up in the air when contronted with abusive user behavior is a cancer upon the Web

"Before crime is committed" is a funny way of saying "innocent". Western politicians will no doubt act like they think these are grave injustices, while simultaneously pushing for similar systems in the EU

I went into the article expecting something about mental health, and memes as a way of dealing with crippling depression. Instead I got someone overthinking stale memes with the usual boomer blasting thrown in

I mean me too thanks

I've heard of MaidSafe before, and it was not good things. And of course there's a bit about cryptocurrencies

Core dump of exciting decentralized things:

OStatus and ActivityPub: GNU Social, postActiv, Mastodon, PeerTube


The return of static Tor-friendly webpages and services

This isn't so strange considering authoritarianism's reason for existing is justifying the unjustifiable. Power speaks truth, especially if that truth can be used to build more hierarchy and power

Boo-hoo 🎻🎶

(aimed at the ladies addressed, of course)

Yep, DRM is about power and being able to screw consumers over

This is reminding me that I have yet to donate to the EFF 😔

Australia manages to be even more awful than I previously thought..

ixnar  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Thoughts and Prayers, the Game

As best I can tell It's any gun that looks "scary". kleinbl00s post (to which I cannot reply) supports this, except maybe for grenade launchers. But even then you need to own grenades also. Just seems silly

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