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Swedish hacker, computer scientist, space nerd, ham radio operator, feminist. Plenty of projects going on, too little time

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    not standing by your actions and words

In theredpill's words: what a beta

10 years sounds a bit optimistic. I recon 20-30

Welcome back :]

ixnar  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Even Furries Are Fighting Fascists

Excellent. Shun the fascists

Hey kids: if you see a transhumanist/lesswronger in real life offering candy/promising eternal robot life, just yell "roko's basilisk!" and they will run away screaming

ixnar  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Why US liberals are now buying guns too

Predictions: Republicans proposing gun control laws targetted at the poor and non-white, progressives forming autonomous militias

2017 is going to be real interesting

Modern phrenology

One way to test it is to apply a static field and do some sweeps, maybe +-1/10/100/1000 V/m. Just insert some metal sheets in the chamber and apply a voltage

I'm working on a blog post about this, might have to draw some sketches

Yep, this is why experimentalists have a bit of disdain for theoreticians

My bet is on this being a measurement error, or an extra force they didn't think about.

I e-mailed the main guy behind the paper and pointed out that they too easily disregard the possibility of this being an electrostatic effect because they say that can't be the case because the setup is "grounded". The air quotes are because I'm working on an electrostatic instrument, and our experience is that it is very hard to remove all surface charges. At the kind of forces this paper talks about it doesn't take much charge buildup for some nearby electric field to contribute force via Coulomb attraction. Any kind of grease stain or oxide patch can do this

So basically a repeat of what happened when the US' railways got built? The people pay for the infrastructure, capitalists keep the profits

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