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War  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Something beautiful died tonight

Something beautiful died last night, but my vision was cloudy. I see vibrant color splashed against canvas, hear voices matured and grown. The warmth of love fills my chest, and I know I am home. I squint trying to make out the shapes of my future, but my sight continues to fade. Gone, as quickly as it came.

This is what it's like to be lost

To not know what lies ahead

Each step taken


Or not at all.

And this is what it's like:

Not to have words

For how you feel

To see the world

in washed out color

ground smooth

by the ever swift

movement of time.

Secretly, I think they do it on purpose. The spectacle of all of this gets them shit loads of views across every media platform. It's a shame that they would put views, ad money, etc. above all other things.

Yea those are the two big ones I tend to recommend outside of Steam.

The only issue I have with the article is the author doesn't provide research on alternatives. He sort of creates this narrative of how far reaching, intrusive, and evil Valve is without providing the reader with "another way." You can say Value (and to some extent Origins) is evil, but I think its beneficial to show where on the internet you can go to clear your conscience so to speak. Beyond that the article is pretty spot on about everything. Valve is definitely in this for exploitative amounts of profit.

Nah, that's not really the definition of worship. Worship is having a deep reverence or adoration for something. I have a deep reverence and adoration for most things (Or at least I try).

It's not so much the size, or even in certain situations the ornate nature of these places. In certain regards it's the location. I visited poor towns with massive cathedral's wondering why they didn't just downsize this place, and pour some of that money into the town itself. For me it's odd to see these grand structures while kids in the same town bathe in a river.

Yea, worship to me grants greater understanding of the world around me and the people in it, which in turn (in most circumstances lol) gives me the knowledge to make better choices.

A god doesn't need anything. Worship is for us. If you believe in god as some singular entity worship sounds weird. If you believe in a god as a grand all encompassing entity then worship becomes our way of attuning ourselves with the world around us. At least that's the way I see it.

This concept is actually what pushed me very far from religion. I visited Spain and France for two weeks in the summer years back for some religious thing. I visited some of the "sacred" places in the Roman Catholic belief, and it was pretty much then I knew it. You had massive cathedral in poor towns, and while the people struggled here stood these monuments to earthly things. After that I began to question why the church was so dead set on building monuments for God. God is a god, and I can't imagine there being a physical way in existence to laud him that would be sufficient. I took to the simpler forms of faith that there was prayer in good deeds, prayer in loving/respect one another (even when its tougher to do so). Community, meditation, and all of those other things have their place, but I believe there is a lot more to it. I'm a firm believer that expressions of positive emotions in our daily lives is among the strongest ways to worship God.

War  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: June 28, 2017

Alive and well. Not much to report in my absence, hopefully I will be gainfully employed in the coming weeks.

War  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: June 28, 2017

I'm in Jersey let me know.

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