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I wish there was a cheap way to try it out, but consider that smaller factor keyboards allow for less travel of the hands. It's like touch typing has been upgraded to include arrow keys and F keys and of that jazz. Maybe try a 60% board?

Also, the Ergodox has more keys and is ortholinear.

I was shocked how much more comfortable a ortholinear matrix layout is for typing. It looks like it's a big change and you need to adjust for a long time, but I got used to it within a day and even fixed some poor habits.

And while we're talking about matrix layouts: the space bar doesn't every need to be that big and is such a huge waste of space, it makes me mad. I started using a grid layout and thought it might feel weird and I'd have to set multiple keys to space, but I only ever use the size of one letter key for space. Now I have about 5 more keys to use for other things (space bars are traditionally around 6 key units long).

If you want to look at what I'm typing on, it's the Planck keyboard on ortholinearkeyboards. I bought it as a side project while waiting for another keyboard, but love it more than any other right now :)

vinosan  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What keyboard do you have?

I have a Pok3r at work which is what I type on most of the time. I still love my Planck, but didn't get around all the mods and software customisations lately, so that's not getting much use right now. My desktop is still fitted with the Ducky Shine 3 (my first mechanical), but the OS drive crashed, so that's not getting any action either. Sad life :(

vinosan  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What keyboard do you have?

It's not like the ErgoDox is a deterrent by itself already ;-)

Good thing I gave a proper reply and didn't just suggest the German version of "Let's make a Deal" based on your username. Because if you open the wrong door you get a Zonk, that looks like this:

Also, I just watched the first season of Ray Donovan. It's also on Netflix (I suppose you watch the other shows there). It's not extremly well made unfortunately. The lines are cheap and cheesy at times and I never knew I'd dislike the Boston accent so much. But I grew attached to the characters and it's pretty entertaining. It's kinda like a cheap Breaking Bad with violence instead of drugs.

Now what should I watch next?

The Blacklist is currently my fix for Breaking Bad style cliffhangers. Even though I don't like that kind of crime solving stuff it's really thrilling and the overarching story is more interesting than what I've seen from similar shows like Fringe. I also never got into Dexter, haven't been into the CSI/NCIS stuff but loved Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, just so you know my taste :)

From the first impression of Hubski that I have, I feel like the trolls won't be comfortable in this environment. To me it feels like a more personal and "slower" (let me explain!) community. They will probably flock to voat which is already a pretty close clone of reddit (look at all the subvoats, the Top20 match reddits).

By slower I mean it's more personal and the contents of posts(?) is longer and more thought out. Most of the time even more personal. I have never read "I always like your posts xxx" or "good to see you here xxx" on reddit, except in the really small communities. Hubski might just be the aggregator that I was missing in the last years, when reddit's r/all was going downhill. I'll still have my small communities, but that's more like a forum/mailing-list than to find new interests.

Also, this September might not last that long ;)