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Awesome! Looks like in old days in 90s when I first saw a computer program in Windows 98 (actually it was Paint).

Do you use some component which provides similar to old windows experience? I think it will be interesting to have such component for fans of old Windows versions.

I had a chance to slightly touch some AI technologies like perceptrons and neural networks during days at the university, but have never heard about GOFAI. As I understand it's human-friendly approaches like decision tree?

Also thank you for pointing to Practical Common Lisp! :)

skyylex  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Programmer's Learning Machine (PLM)

I noticed that screenshots contain probably French language. Does the program have English version?

I've found out about Norvig few days ago by reading Coders at Work, and was quit surprised to find such news. Thanks!