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Developer. Designer. Writer.

Currently writing something called Rosa.

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That makes [ju:sʒ], at worst, and [ju:ʃ], at best.

What about editing?

    they're more than willing to resort to a threat display

If he's actually shouting, I'd take a step back, too. Consider my life choices, afterwards.

    Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out soon.

Thanks for the reminder!

    Speaking of city builders, Cities:Skylines is a better SimCity that anything since SimCity4

Far Cry 5. Haven't played, but the hype says the game's the shit.

Stellaris. It has DLCtitis like many of Paradox' titles, but it's very diverse. Lots of options to fiddle with during the multiple playthroughs.

In fact, any latest Paradox title: Europa Universalis IV, Hearts of Iron IV, Crusader Kings II...

Alternatively, Endless Space II (a competitor to Stellaris) and/or Endless Legend (quite a unique strategy with a system based on Endless Space).

Civilization VI...

Am I getting drastically out of your interest borders?

    Fortnite BR

And PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds (PUBG), if you're interested in that type of stuff.

That first one's funky.

That last one's handsome.

    Mein Kamph

The book's called Mein Kampf. It's the "p" with "f" that makes it confusing to someone who doesn't speak German, where "pf" is common.

    Now go ahead and explain how bringing up "mass hysteria" is anything other than an argumentative, insulting and counterproductive tangent to inject into this conversation. I'll wait.

No. I'm not playing this game. Seek fight elsewhere.

Problem is, there are many powerful players in the field.

Another problem is, I'd rather talk to people on the virtual street without feeling like I'm being watched.

I haven't lived through the Soviet Union, and I damn well would rather not.

    By your argument, John Snow was a pseudoscientist.

Except qi does not cause mass epidemics... sans the ones our minds create.

There's no reason to codify "liver yin deficiency pattern" in a scientific taxonomy. The author notes how it might be useful for research and historical purposes. There's no reason to affirm unscientific beliefs within science. I'd rather the person in charge of my health only use science and nothing else.

    After all, The ICD has been a staid and respectable body of terminology so far.

There are 14 000+ entries in ICD-10, according to (citation-needed text from) Wikipedia. Most of the lists I find online median to about 20 silly entries (like your "bitten by a cow"). 0.0014 is a decent margin of error for such a titanic amount of work.

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