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Currently writing something called Rosa.

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FirebrandRoaring  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: January 17, 2018

So terribly sorry. Grandparents are special.

No, I meant "we, the late and miserable ones".

We're no longer getting crazy rich?

Sounds interesting. I'd give it a look.

Your praise of him makes me wish him the best, as well.

Tell me in your own words. The stories are no longer accessible on the 8bit's page.

...we're one of those odd cults, aren't we?

Oh, okay.

What's our holy book? What's our hat?

The Community Bulletin Board does show just how cult-ish Hubski looks from the outside, with the slogans like this and no other info whatsoever.

I agree with you. I was pointing out how stupid the question in the title of the article was.

I'm not sure if I want it to be aliens. I know most people think they want it, as long as it has no repercussions on their lives. If there was solid, concrete evidence that there's another intelligent lifeform in the universe and they have grand space-building technology, I'd be forced to rethink a lot about my life. I'm no longer the center of the universe as a human, and there's someone far better at technology than we are — a Kardashev II-level civilization.

But do want to see the stars explored.

    One of Nina’s final acts, in effect, was to play matchmaker for her husband.

I've always had respect for such an attitude. You're going to die, but you get to think about how, so you advise your loved ones on the tragedy of losing their loved one. It's selfless. You are the one to die — and yet there you are, comforting those close to you.

Quite a situation, too. Life's an interesting thing.

Every state that romanticizes warriors, soldiers, shows that they need public support for a war. The second tag on Hubski is apt, jF: it's nothing but misleading the public into believing soldiers are brave because what they're fighting is evil — therefore, war is good because the soldiers are getting rid of evil.

It was... "surprising", perhaps not, but confusing at first to find that other countries don't celebrate the Great Fatherland War (which, for some reason, is being translated as "Great Patriotic"). Why wouldn't they? We defeated fascism, right?..

It was around that time that I started figuring out just how militaristic — and undesirable overall in its internal politics — Russia is. We praise men for passing their conscription service — and the incidents of abuse, violence and murder that keep happening on the service (which is only hanging out around the barracks between the training)? "That's just the way it is". Sure: lock up a few dozen young men with their blood still boiling and hormones pumping and see how many limbs you are getting away with.

Russia needs soldiers.

Someone asked me about military service in Russia. I explained how Russia thinks every other country is against it, so it has to prepare for assault at any time. "But that's insane!" — the person replied. Exactly. None of that is on paper: it's all in the air. Most of y'all reading this are my supposed enemies — or, at least, my country describes you as such. I said earlier on Hubski that the mainstream media and the "discussion" around it doesn't distinguish between the state and the people. "That's ridiculous", some of you replied. "Nobody thinks the people are a threat".

Yes. Yes, they do — and that is terrifying to think about: being swayed from one direction to another by a whim of the people governing the people. "Them Americans are stupid! Fighting against Trump with them false accusations, the media attacking him" — arguing so while conveniently (or blatantly, right in front of your face) forgetting every counterargument.

Are military parades a thing in the US? 'cause they're a thing there. The 9th of May. Come visit. Every screen in the country turns into a high-resolution streaming device for the Red Square's Mighty Parade of Power.

Instead here, nobody mourns the dead soldiers much. Technically, we're not at war.


March 18th, 2018 [presidential election in Russia]

Strong President — Strong Russia!

Agreed. A session counter or extending the session would do the long-writers a favor. mk

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