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Angsty college kid with a love of film, music, languages, poetry and anarchy. I love Shia LaBeouf and Taylor Swift unironically. Find me at the rock show

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Wow! I'm really impressed with how the writer fleshed out that little sidenote of history into this short. That was creepy, charming, sad, and cute all at the same time.

Also wanna mention how awesome the music was, really fit the vibe.

Rae Sremmurd get me hype too, no shame!

While I like the idea, I will say that I don't think hubski is the best forum for it. I use /r/depression to vent and to support others, but I don't know if it is actually productive. It is similar to me sharing a page of my diary or reading someone else's and encouraging them.

I don't know if hubski's smaller community and focus on discussion is the best place, since most of the time I'm on /r/depression it's not to discuss but to vent and hear about other people who feel similar. Either way, might as well go for it! Although would it just be one #mentalhealth tag? or would you eventually want to use more specific tags?

The Brave Little Abacus rule! This one's my fav album

One of my favorite bands that isn't too well-known is Old Gray, a screamo from NH

I also love Knocked Loose, a beatdown group from Kentucky

And finally, no one I know seems to know Christine & the Queens a French synthpop group!

I have a bunch more since I self-identify as a cough hipster, but I'll just stick w three :D

that was my reaction when he told me his idea. I was like, "who the hell wants to bother filming something like that?" It turned out better than I thought it would though haha

Metal? Mashup? Manic? We'll think of something

shappyrohman  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Mononc' Serge - Le joual

haha this reminds me of the movie Mommy. 2 of the protagonists speak with really heavy accents with a lot of Joual. Tabernak!

Gotta love Mischief Brew :D

And I totally agree, every day is a good day for #punk. I listen to a lot of different genres so I just needed a way for me to pick one for every day, and alliteration was the easiest ;)

ah you're a saint! Thanks

I love the idea of a #weeklydj thing! I just wanted to try out the whole music@me thing and didn't wanna put it int he normal music tag since this is less accessible. I looked at some old posts there and the only thing that would stop me from doing something like that is I have no clue how formatting woks on this site, besides Italics. I can't bold, hashtag, link words, etc. lol

Word on the street is that Mathieu Kassovits (le Director) wants to remake La Haine in modern times. I think it would be really interesting given the recent CHarlie Hebdo incident in Paris and could even find success in the US with our own racial tensions exploding the past year or so.

Although, I don't know if La Haine qualifies as indie, per se. It was distributed by Canal+, the biggest film distributor in France, and had a budget of 2.5 million Euro, although it does look low-budget so props to the cinematographer there. Then again I might just be a little pedantic with what qualifies as indie as well :/

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