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Smartphone do have negative affects on society, they allow constant surveillance and due to their efficiency it's harder and harder not to use one.

Self driving cars are not a problem, they are symptom of a shift our society goes throw from a mechanical one into a digital one.

The shift is speeding, as digital systems allow of efficiency, the issue is that this efficiency is not understood by the majority of people and is controlled by very few companies. As those new tools are more efficient, everyone not using them for what ever reason is left behind. As they are efficient, they are convenient to the majority, and so, used everywhere a social/economical pressure to use them is created.

It started with PCs, and gave us lock-in of data into proprietary file-types, now we have smartphones the ever spying tracking devices that make people walk into things.

While the programability of the smartphone is still being explored, we will get self driving -things-, cars, tracks, chairs, what-ever.

On the side you get automation of an ever growing list of jobs, and you can't stop it, efficiency wins, you will get 3d printers, and you you might get the ability to download and print viruses from the internet at some point, it can already be done in a lab with a few million dollars worth of equipment, but bio-science is moving forward so who knows.

Prepare for an ever growing list of "smart" crap, phones, cars, TVs, light bulbs, toasters, shoes, if there is profit to be done in putting a CPU inside, it will have a CPU inside.

I'm all for computing, hack, bioinformatics will give us DNA testing to fit you with the best medicine, smart cars will result in less death on the roads, and so on.

The issue is not with the technology, it's with how it is created and who owns it. Because very, very soon Google is going be controlling a shit load of cars traveling at 80-100[KPH], at their full control, with the ability to literally kill and cripple people everywhere, intentionally, a power which for better or worse used to belong only at the hand of governments, and they were mostly limited by boarders.

On the other hand we have FOSS movement that is trying to empower people (somewhat) with computers, but a lot of battles are lost.

Sorry for the ramble.

    * The main source of government revenue should be a tax on the unimproved land value of all privately owned land

Could you elaborate ? it's a new one for me.

What is the minimal hourly salary ? I sounds expensive, I'm not sure about local chicken prices, but looking at stores web-sites it seems to be much higher.

Do you live far from agricultural areas ?

It sounds very depressing, I'm currently living in a poor city to save money on rent, and I can walk to a market twice a week in buy as much vegetables as I can carry.

I'm not trying to get perfect optimization, but meat is really bad for the environment and screws up poorer people as it leads to rising food prices.

You can make fun vegan food for social events, cookies, cakes, pizza, casseroles, salads, all can be made vegan.

When I had much more free time I had the hobby of bring vegan cookies and cakes to social events I attended, trying to make them better then the none-vegan food other people showed up with (then to share the recipe when people asked).

Oh, sorry, that makes sense, Israel has a better to grew food in, from the little I know about Russian weather.

Why limited ? there are many types of fruits and vegetables, seeds and beans. The number of combinations is huge, there are more meals I can make then meals I can't make.

At first, when I started to change my life-style it was hard, but as I relearned to cook I found out that I can make more variations of food then I need to never be bored from my food.

I'm doing yearly blood checks due to a medical conditions, and everything but B12 is good, so I'm taking B12 pills that you put under your tongue. The B12 issue my not be related, my close family is not vegan, not even one of them, and some of them are lacking B12 too. Not everyone can get enough B12 out of foods.

What I found funny, is that people used ask about my iron and how I'm not anemic, my iron was so high on my last blood test that it was on the highest healthy value according the graph my doctor handed to me.

After working out weekly for that past few years people stopped asking if I'm anemic or if I get enough protein.

The only big issue is that you need to drink more water (or you will fart, a lot), which means I'm going to the toilet more.

    In what way, more efficient?

Basically ? energy, people are against drastic changes to their life style, to get them to buy man-made meat-like substance it will need to be cheaper.

Which will reduce damage to our poor plant.

    From pizza stuff and chocolate, respectively. Not as mind-blowing as one would expect. However...

I've seen, I thought you talked about something much crazier, like turning lead to gold.

    Then share your secret

I mostly eat types of beans (or is it fabaceae in English ?), with while rice and buckwheat, combined with seeds such as sesame. The rest is the seasons fruits and vegetables that I can cheaply buy in the market.

I have basil and some other nice stuff which I grew on the edge of the window, because they cost too much to buy and I really like them.

It costs between 100 to 200 NIS a month to live like that, which is 24.5 - 49 USD according to google. As I assume you are not from Israel, the minimum wadge for full time job is 1370.4 USD. So it's about 4% from a month of work on minimum wadge.

To cook the beans I set them in water for 24-36 hours before hand and cook them over gas, which I bought a yearly supply of for 41$ but that is not available everywhere, I can do that because there is no gas pipes around here.

On the other hand the rent is really high :(

I have nothing against artificial meat, it will have to more efficient then normal meat in its energy consumption to compete with normal meat.

If it will be too real it too will increase the risk of heart problems and colon cancer, both are deadly.

What do you mean print a pizza and chocolate ? from what ?

We can make gold from lead, but it consumes too much energy to be practical (it was a big fuck you to past days alchemists).

Personally I love my food, I feel better on vegan diet, I also save money sticking to this diet.

realusername  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Best Linux Distro For 2017

They skipped NixOS, tried it after another breakage in Arch around a year and a half ago, the AUR was nice, with it infinite packages, but I'm very happy I moved.

Once you have a complex setup, or (inclusive) more then one device, NixOS gives a lot of benefits. The power to program your device and it's configuration, to sync those changes with git, keep backups, rollback (form NixOS updates and configuration changes).

It saved me a lot of time when my computer died (hardware failure), it took about 10 minutes to reconfigure a new one to my liking.

I'm eyeing for remote management of computers used by unsophisticated (computing wise) friends that want Linux but need my help from time to time. It will allow me to give them "apply remote changes" and "reverse changes" buttons, so they can just ask for the change and I can create it for them without fear of breakage.

Why a CRT ? the headaches and eye strain shudders

Thank you, I had a bad day, more then one, and it gave me a real smile, a sense of wonder and happiness.

They currently seems to be in the pocket of Putin, along with Trump, so along as they are useful and Trump is the president they won't be.

Unless I'm miss-informed about US politics and it's not the president that signs that ?