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    First he is upset they kill her off, then he is upset they didn't kill her off. Also, the whole time he is talking about damsels in distress and the issue of a man saving them. You are playing as Batman.

I don't think you understood what our complaint with AK actually is (?)

When every single female character in your game is portrayed as a Damsel, even ones who've shown great power and capability in all other mediums, you are most definitely perpetuating a very negative trope against women. It's not that Barbra was (or wasn't) killed off, it's that she had no purpose apart from plot device. And not just her, but every other female character.

And, yeah, Batman is the hero and savior in the game. But many of the women are heroes too; they're strong, determined, and self-motivating characters who've been disempowered for the purpose of fitting the Damsel trope.

I'd also like to address that the sexism in a gaming industry which produces these woman-negative tropes is the same sexism that keeps female game devs on the outskirts.

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