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Thanks very much for the stickers. Our whole office is now puzzling over how the envelope made it all the way to the UK without a stamp..!

me  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are some of the best games on Linux?

DEFCON is worth checking out. Also from Introversion, the Prison Architect alpha is available for Linux - haven't played it yet, but heard good things (worth watching the video).

me  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Ask Hubski: Where are you from?

I live in Cambridge, England.

It's a small city (about the same population as Surprise, AZ, apparently!) with a lot of history in the middle, and some housing round the outside.

There are a lot of students, due to the University of Cambridge, plus Anglia Ruskin University, plus hundreds of English language colleges trading off the city's name.

There are also a lot of bikes - the city is completely flat, so loads of people cycle. That video you may have seen in the news last week of an over-confident and under-equipped cyclist almost being hit by a train? Cambridge. Cyclists rule the roads here, and there's cycle lanes on most main roads, and even special traffic lights that give cyclists a head start on motor traffic.

Because of the University, there are a lot of interesting organisations based here, such as ARM (the processor people), WorldPay, the International Whaling Commission, and Microsoft Research has a big branch here. We also have a US national war cemetery:

It's generally a very safe and quiet city (for England) but also extremely expensive to live in, because housing is limited and because it's within commuting distance of London (50 minutes on the train).

Trainspotting is superb.

Also, Nuts in May, which I suppose is classed as a a 'TV movie', but is really entertaining.

Here's some first-hand experience of being raised bilingual, for what it's worth:

I grew up in an English-speaking country, with my mother speaking Russian to me, and my father speaking English. When all three of us were together, we all spoke English, as my father's Russian isn't very strong.

The result is that I can speak and understand Russian fluently, and read and write it at a push (but this takes a huge amount of effort on my part.) I wonder if my written Russian would have been better had we only used that language at home.

Positive side-effect: I became fascinated by language, ended up with a degree in an area of linguistics, and now have a job where I get to make creative use of language.

Negative side-effect: I found learning a third language at school tougher than I should have, because my brain would often switch into my 'default other language', Russian. This resulted in some awkward moments during spoken exams, where I would respond in Russian when questioned in French.

me  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How did you find out about Hubski?

I saw the mention on reddit the other day, but couldn't connect to Hubski at the time - probably due to the influx of other redditors - so I bookmarked it for later.

I'm now in the 'keep quiet and figure it out' stage - having a browse around, reading and sharing, getting my head round Hubski's culture and revisiting the tutorial in order to avoid making an idiot of myself (though I'm sure there's still ample opportunity for that).