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This Pokey LaFarge songs gets me smiling too.

Yeah, definitely anything Tenacious D. If he wasn't so damn sexy he probably would have gotten passed over for all of those hunkey movies he did and would be in a band making this pretty music to this day....

Gorillaz have a few that have a feel good vibe, this one is my favorite.

edit: I like that Goldfish track a lot too, it's fun.

That is so morbidly amusing, I couldn't stop giggling quietly.

It would have to be G Love and Special Sauce for me, pretty much any of his music, but this one in particular I always smile when I listen to.

Thanks for giving a different perspective on Detroit - that's very intriguing.

Honestly, I'm white and middle aged. I like rap way more than I should at my age probably. But, I was a boy in Atlanta in the 80's and I've been around hip hop most of my life. I rode the after hours bus from East Point Elementary to the Brookhaven Boys Club in College Park as a kid (Outkast anyone).

So, now I'm that guy in Office Space pretty much.

Office Space - Michael Bolton Rapping

Fuck getting old, but I will listen to this loud as fuck in my car.

All Me - Drake Ft 2 Chainz & Big Sean (Lyrics)

Agreed, I do like that whole Caravan Palace album. It's like nothing I've ever heard before.

The violins make me feel like someone is rubbing their fingers across my scalp.

No thanks, I'll just switch to fish...oh shit we killed all the fish already? Damn, guess I will try out the local fowl...oh, no - waterfowl populations are at an all-time low, but here in South Florida we've done such a good job at conserving them (sarcastic)...

If you aren't growing your own food now, at least in little bits, you're behind the curve. I'm looking at Tilapia now as a local protein source in my backyard pond.

In Florida, I've been removed from places for saying things like "bong" and "whippet". It's been many years since. I'm closely following the upcoming vote we have on medical legalization here in FL.

cennis  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Getting Stoned With Patti Smith

But honestly, I'm getting pissed off as I read the descriptions of what happens to her as she smokes the "weed".:

"Patti was disgusted with my lack of cool, and very disapproving of my eyes dripping out of their sockets and bouncing off the floor while different clumps of brains shot through weak points of my skull. Then booster rockets fired—and long spaghetti threads of my cerebellum shot up to the ceiling, where they sat like molten spitballs, grew eyes, and stared down at me. The “me” who was still sitting on the cushion on the floor—melting. My fingers dripped off. My sneakers were grinning at me. But worse was that Patti was lying there, giggling at my drug-induced hysteria."

There is no way this is THC induced. I will accept no response that is not draped in personal experience in this case.