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comment by weewooweewoo

But I am a addict.

Weird question. Half a decade ago someone on reddit recommended Milan Kundera's books in a comment somewhere, saying that Life is Elsewhere is the best of the bunch. Was this you? This thread reminded me of it and I binged it.

The Poet Masturbates, haha. My name is Jaron, and the main character's name is Jaromil. If it is you, well, thanks for influencing my self obsession.

cW  ·  635 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Loved _Life is Elsewhere_, though it gave me something of a hyper-self-analysis problem as a young poet. I'll never forget the scene of Lermontov on the balcony. I think ultimately though, _Immortality_ became my favorite Kundera. Still haven't read _The Joke_, though, and to be honest, his oeuvre is so much cut from the same cloth that I often misremember which characters/scenes were from which novels.

kleinbl00  ·  641 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I am hardly the only person who likes Kundera.

That said, I know I recommended him on Reddit at least once, and I know I selected Life is Elsewhere for that particular user.