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I recall watching a documentary about the way coffee is purchased and sold. If I remember right all of the coffee was purchased by the large companies like Nestle' from a central point where all of the farmers bring the beans to. This would mean that no one really knows what plantation the beans came from by the time they get purchased.

The slavery is terrible but I don't think that Nestle' or any of these other large coffee companies are responsible for it so I don't think finger pointing will solve anything. This is an issue that needs to be taken care of on the ground where it's happening.

At first I thought this sounded very scary. Then I thought about it more and realized this is very similar to what is already going on with cookies/pixel tracking and advertisers on the internet right now, just in a physical sense. As I pondered this further I realized that may actually scare me more.

I'm used to the internet being an non-safe, non-private, place where every action is tracked and used to get me to buy stuff. Heck, I've made my fair share of money doing it. This billboard stuff could get weird though. I wonder if they plan to serve ads to specific people or if they will try to find a mean interest between people driving by at a certain time?

Now I'm imaging watching a movie in the future where Liam Neeson makes sure to avoid all of the billboards which are obviously tracking all of his movements. Will people try to use billboard data as an alibi? This could get real crazy real quick.

I'm glad I don't live in Clear Channel territory that's for sure.