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The whole situation over there is pretty effed with ISIS... so long as we go into this with diplomacy in mind I would support aiding our allies in defending this threat. I do get concerned about how many recruits ISIS is managing to muster despite our bombing runs and I wonder if boots on the ground would cause more harm than good (it can be argued that this has been the case thus far in the middle east). Either way, I know we can't just keep banging our heads against the wall with air support if it is not effectively reducing their sphere of influence.

This is extremely frustrating... as a thirty year old in the Cleveland area, what the heck can we do about this? I don't want to accept rolling over and letting the NSA continue to monitor our private lives, especially when this program and practice has proven grossly ineffective and insanely expensive.

I love Splitwise. As far as finance apps go, this app is great for keeping track of and splitting expenses with a roommate or family member. My girlfriend and I have been using this to keep track of bills and expenses - it has been a very helpful tool to make sure fairness is a high priority in our relationship, since we both make comparable amounts of money.

Reddit user here, I deleted both of my accounts over there and have decided to give hubski a go of it instead. Sorry for being a part of breaking your happy place :( Hopefully this can be my happy place too lol