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I really like the possession angle, and think it would be a refreshing spin on the "sith master" archetype. I'm interested in seeing how big of a pushover the average Knight of Ren is, and how easy Rey starts carving through them relative to how fast she becomes perfect at doing things she shouldn't be able to do. SEE: Out "Millenium Falconing" Han, instant JedMaster ForcePersuasion ability on 2nd ever try with a violently opposed enemy on a blatantly overt suggestion infinitely contrary to the subject's personality, ability to best a dark Jedi with years of training from Luke Skywalker and some amount of training from an obvious Sith Lord, Besting of Pro Tie Fighter Pilots while flying the Milennium Falcon, a CUSTOM freighter with a nonstandard cockpit layout and tons of modifications on how it operates, when she is only ever established as using flight simulators and never a real flying situation... Take your pick. okay, endrant. Let's just say I'm already sick of MUH STRONG WOMYN Rey already.

I concur. Haven't had a chance to give JJones the once over yet, but it looks good. And the whole David Tennant villain role had me a little excited even if he IS a little over-the-top-if-not-a-little-mind-rapey. I'm actually STILL missing out on DD due to my aversion to horribly acted CW style tv shows for the DC heroes thus far. It just seems like cheap exploitation of good comic material (I'm looking at you, Supergirl and Flash), with poorly acted roles, subpar special effects budgets, and terribly soap opera plotlines and overly contrived "new spins" on what was a perfectly good canon plot. Alas, its the problem most film adaptations suffer from: trying to be "different in a new way", in a very special snowflake fashion.

In Flash's defense, it's gotten a LOT better in terms of plot and SFX budget and acting skill. But it's still not at a point where I can get through an episode without a groan or a headshake or two. I WANT to like these things. But my common sense knows better.

Dude rd95... There's a growing list. But I like the sound of it already. I think we should have a movie recommendation/critique thread up here sometime. I'd like to see why I should get into new genres and broaden my spectrum.

Forcible possession? That sounds hella Sith. I'd dig it.

New big boss: Kysnoke Ren. Also now with 100% more mindwipe/subjugation/death of the boy who could have been the next Luke Skywalker.


Whoa. Looking at the title of this thread I burst out laughing. But after reading the article I'm impressed with how well that would fit in. I feel like SUDDENLY A NEW SITH LORD OUT OF NOWHERE is a really tart way to get a new villain. And the fact that RotJ gave off the impression that the dark side of the force being routed only makes it more cringy if they just have them crawl out of the woodwork without a good explanation. It's just as bad as the "OH YOU EVADED ORDER 66 AND SURVIVED THE ONSLAUGHT OF THE EMPIRICAL RULE TOO? AND YOU ALSO CONVENIENTLY POP OUT IN FRINGE LORE WITHOUT HAVING BEEN INVOLVED IN THE REBELLION AND THE BATTLE OF ENDOR/HOTH/YAVIN4? OH WELL SO HAVE I! THERE ARE ACTUALLY 4-500 JEDI JUST CHILLING ALL OVER THE PLACE!"

I know its a very appetizing thought for a writer authoring lore on the fringe, but it still gets me every time. cough AHSOKA cough

...Sometimes I wish our voting system was more of "Not that person, Not THAT person" checkbox system. Because I'd be checking EVERY damn box. I haven't seen a single candidate I thought would actually do America an iota of good in about 3 elections. And it's getting worse and worse.

I'm lurking this thread and I'm honestly stunned rd95 hasn't been all over this thread yet. He is a western and spaghetti fanatic of grand proportions. I'm no connoisseur, but I really loved The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. Honestly the whole series of movies were good, but I really liked the whole idea of a movie casted solely on the character archetypes. I've seen the same concept used in more recent films and really liked the nod. I'm pressing the memory to find what other movies have used this paradigm, but I find it to be a staple in a lot of the Spaghetti Westerns I've seen. Django Unchained followed a bit of this and I honestly loved it a lot more than the general reviews did.


Fite me irl m8. Winter Soldier was better than Avengers 2, Iron Man 1&2, Cap 1, and all of the Thor Movies. How can you not love it? They finally started making Cap what he was supposed to be from the start. More showcasing of combat ability and technique, more speeches, and less propoganda poster boy scenes. Cap's best fights are all from that movie, and so are most of his best quotes.

More like tongue in cheek because I firmly believe there's merit behind it. I mean, hasn't that been China's takeover plan for the last 4 decades alreadu? Amazon, Walmart, and McDonald's just want a piece of the pie. It's a pretty real concern to people who are a lot smarter about global economics than I am. The buying and trading of debt is ironically lucrative.

Lol I was totally on board until he said he liked Cap 1 more than Cap 2. He and I need to step out the side door and trade blows until we both realize we just love Cap in everything and become lifelong bros.

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