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It's just Burning Man trying not to be Burning Man but basically being another Burning Man.

The telltale sign is the repeated use of the trope template phrase, "People don't do this at [other festival]...."

It helps that there's only maybe a couple dozen particularly active users here. So their opinion carries a lot more weight on whether or not your content gets positive attention than it does on a larger platform like Reddit.

Reddit turned at some point from an open forum to a subversively curated platform, and though no one can pinpoint a particular moment, such a turn became inevitable once they prioritized revenue growth (which, if they were going to survive at their scale, they had no choice but to do).

Conflict and shitty behavior also generates a ton of web traffic.

They were very deliberate about curating that sort of content for its own sake. Problems generated more of the traffic that made them more money.

I have no sympathy for anyone there.

No humidor in Colorado and Arizona. Pitchers who were valued for throwing 97 even if they had no command. Managers, coaches and scouts who we now realize had fuck-all ability to evaluate pitching talent or team defense.

Add in some performance enhancing drugs, and you get a lot of dingers.

They definitely don't need the exposure in Chicago schools.

We're sedentary. We eat a lot of processed garbage designed to make you crave more processed garbage. We cook food in oils that are bad for you. We drink a lot and do a lot of drugs, legal and otherwise.

This is just going to get worse. Buck the trend, get in shape, spend time with and around people who are active. The only way out is to not let the lifestyle drag you down with it.

In before "Millennials lack commitment so they don't get married that much in the first place."

A whopping 2 percent on the silver plan, which for an age 40 adult costs in the neighborhood of $400 a month.

So instead of costing an arm and a leg for a high deductible plan, it costs your arm up to the top of the bicep and still the whole leg, for the same high deductible plan.

Their citizens also have far less disposable income, because European socialism. So of course a consumption tax would work effectively there.

Looks like Microsoft headquarters is still managed by hyper-alpha egomaniacal bros who push through horrible decisions against the will of pretty much everyone in the room who still has common sense. Looks like some things never change in Redmond.

It really is that simple. People make taking personal responsibility hard, because it requires proactive personal effort.

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