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Dimon's connection to reality has always been a fleeting one at best.

Also, he's by all accounts an objectively horrible human being. JPMC had to make sure to keep him out of the public eye for years because of how unfiltered-awful he was as a person. Only recently has he been coached into seeming semi-human enough to get in front of media.

Coded, automated tasks have fundamental gaps in their execution. They will always be limited by the fundamental limits of the code powering them.

A lot of my work addresses gaps created by systems that were supposed to automate everything and solve problems.

Tech has a fundamental arrogance towards what it does, mostly because people don't like to pay attention the details or the consequences of ignoring them.

Saudi money is propping up venture capital. Venture capital is propping up tech. Tech is propping up the American economy.

If/when the Saudis decide to stop for whatever reason, THAT is when it will all come crashing down. And it probably will happen at whatever point the Saudis consider an opportune point. This has been their plan all along. Why bother with conventional terrorism when you can undermine and insidiously destroy an enemy's economy from within?

No, it's become too big to be influenced even at the local level. Seattle elections alone seeing 7-8 figure investments in campaigning. All of the states you mention see 6 figure campaigns.

If you lack public influence and any other useful job skills you might as well not bother with the political theater system.

I have a proposal to improve politics: Bypass it.

Money and cultural influence are what drive society and government anyway. Governments are staffed with decision makers who are never elected, and who drive the decisions or those who are. The Pentagon (CIA and the FBI) ultimately are who runs the United States Government, which is among many others one reason why countries get bombed and why various policies get passed or not passed no matter who is President or who controls Congress. Elected offices are simply political theater to smokescreen what's ultimately going to happen no matter what.

Corporate influence drives political action/corruption because their money drives the day to day ops of everything about the country. If you want to change the system, you get the money and influence to do it. Who you elect and what your platform is or isn't has little more than tangential effect.

Eventually, the wisest learn that you may as well vote just in case, and so no one gets on your back about it... but to never expect much.

We have and have long since already had the web interface compatibility problem. This doesn't really change that, other than an unpredictable change in websites becoming more or less useful and compatible.

Having Edge didn't make developers more or less willing to code for Firefox.

It's worth noting that half of supermarket employees in Seattle are also on food stamps.

Maybe Amazon ought to pay people more (and since this was posted they allegedly have addressed it), but much larger swaths of the population in other key jobs still have this problem.

Good. The Constitution is frequently misinterpreted as being a Ten Commandments style document that rules everyone, when in reality it largely governs what laws Congress can or cannot pass, and what legislative rights are delegated to subordinate governments.

The ACLU has spent decades legally screwing up what the 1st Amendment covers, which in reality only covers Congress' authority (or lack thereof) to pass laws restricting freedom of expression. What any other governing body elects to do regarding expression (including other Federal jurisdictions, which is why the FCC can exist) is at their discretion.

HeroicGomez  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What's Really Warming the World?

The Western world can do all it can to curb emissions but as long as China and India plus other countries continue to pollute and emit carbon unabated, there's not much we can do to address let alone curb or reverse the problem.

I'm impressed anyone would voluntarily choose to date let alone marry him in the first place.

Glad I didn't waste the effort while I worked in public service... not that I managed to log the needed 10 years anyway.

I always figured the rug could easily get pulled from under you. The program read like a series of hoops that you had to know to jump through the right way, all while managing to hold a public service position.

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