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comment by johnnyFive

Interesting idea. Some questions:

1. Who's running this site? The domain was registered privately, and fair enough, but I'd like to know who's in charge.

2. Who are your targeted userbase? In other words, are you looking for tech savvy, a particular ideology, etc.?

3. Free speech as a goal is all well and good, but the vague statement about the end about they "must adhere to global rules, regulations and laws" could mean a lot. Reddit has struggled significantly (and clumsily) with how to deal with this. Global rules are different, so whose apply? How do we predict what is and isn't allowed, or what we might be exposed to?

noeatnosleep  ·  1006 days ago  ·  link  ·  

The boss of the Project is Shane Allen, and he works for London Trust Media. (LTM owns a few things, including Private Internet Access, the VPN provider)

The initial targeted userbase is those who are willing to put in effort; content creators and curators especially. beyond that there is no specific target though I suspect with the way our platform is designed will most interest those who believe in free speech and are interested in technology, but we hope to not be limited to that scope.

We host our platform in the US jurisdiction and will police it as such, and anyone running their own node must police theirs according to their local laws.

johnnyFive  ·  1005 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Thanks for the answers. A couple follow-up questions, if I may:

First, what's your funding source? Is it intended to be entirely donation-based, largesse-based, or something else?

Second, do you have a privacy or other policy?

(And I'll second FirebrandRoaring's concern about using Google Forms.)