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A legitimate question, by the person that posted the link. How is that a troll?

The democrats gave Bush a free pass in the wake of war crimes and domestic spying allegations so as to not set a dangerous precedent. Still, none of the mentioned investigations relate to Obama specifically so there is a difference.

It sounds as though for you, buying food locally is about quality and convenience and not about ecology. I think there is more to why people buy locally than is emphasized in this piece. I don't think it is "primarily about environmental impacts," for most people but it's about eating good stuff.

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When presented with an interesting topic, the media will swoon. This is an interesting topic, it is fiction but it is interesting fiction.

Did you take part in the photographs in the link? Assuming you work for the BLM, what lands do you preside over?

Just tried to post this. There are many on the list that I would like to visit.

When is the next chapter to be released?

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I have a twitter account. In my feed I see what I want to see. I have a hubski account and in my feed I see what I want to see. I ignore tags and I ignore users that don't interest me. My feed looks the same today as it has since I joined, interesting and full of good content. I found this post in the global posts. I don't think growth will be a problem. People that want to "circlejerk" can and will and I won't have to see it. Fine by me.

Nicely written account. Some people have the ability to remain calm in the most trying of situations. It makes me wonder about the old man's life experiences. What has he gone through that tested him so greatly that a potential plane crash doesn't unnerve him?

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Can't decide if I found the design helpful or distracting but it was certainly an interesting way to present a narrative.

The upper right hand corner is sad.

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