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Cool, you might also wanna check out Gone Home. It comes out next week. I've been really looking forward to it.

It's great how much coverage this game is getting beyond the typical indie circles.

Ben Kuchera wrote an article two weeks ago calling Phil Fish an asshole. To be fair, he was trying to spin it as a positive, but Ben is part of the internet. In fact, he holds a position with some power in shaping the gaming community's opinions. Saying we should have more empathy is great, but at some point in the discussion people are always going to be reduced to talking points. I wonder if there are ways we can improve the things that come before all of the trolling.

This is satire by the way.

newgameplus  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Girl Who Turned to Bone

and a fairly recent AMA from another person living with the disease:

Good point, I wrote that because I wasn't sure (and am still not sure) how to word a disagreement to certain points without someone seeing it as an example of what the article is supposedly against. By poking at a hot-button issue like transgender rights with a stick, the author ensured, even if unintentionally, that much of the response garnered would be of the ilk she was describing. And since much of the article was just self-admitted insults and name-calling, I think it just adds to the divisiveness instead of doing anything productive.

I think this article is very self-defeating. No, that's not quite right. Hypocritical? I'm just going to go with unproductive.

checks thread, finds no porn sites

Sure guys, I believe you.

I've never met a trans person that talks about their past in the third-person like that. It's honestly kind of off-putting.

Ooh, pick Vertigo. Then I have a reason to watch Vertigo. Which I hear is a always a good thing to have.

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