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iusedtobeonreddit  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Ethereum: A Visual Guide

i loved that. it a real problem today of people unwilling to do the most basic of researches. like just spend 2 minutes to look something up. man everyone is full of bullshit now days.

like coffee? cut that shit out. get on the tea like the rest of the civilized world. i have a cup of lyons in the morn and it does me til 11 ish and then as many as you can fit in. and real tea non of that herbal cookie shit, like most anything you'll get in the US is shite. get some lyons gold. change your life

i love Kurzgesagt i think it might be the best thing on youtube

iusedtobeonreddit  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What is a sandwich?

well im Irish, so like bread, butter whateveryouwant butter and bread.

whoa,weird. i like it.

im in Ireland and sometime it gets to our northern shores and its amazing so get out and see it