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Honestly, it's hard to define this work's genre. I was conflicted between electronic, electropop, pop rock, alternative rock, baroque pop, and progressive rock. So I checked and one of the top tags for Queen of the Wave was progressive rock. So seeing as the album as a whole incorporates baroque, fantasy, and story elements it seemed appropriate to be labeled progressive rock in my view. Of course, seeing as Pepe Deluxé started out as a trip-hop band, they have more electronic influences than traditional progressive rock bands. If they made this album in the 1970s or started out as a rock band, it would feel more like traditional prog rock.
Their album, The Face Of Mount Molehill, is one of my favorites of 2012. If you liked this track definitely check it out.
30 out of 32. I missed where Jesus was born and that Job was related to obedience while suffering. I put Abraham because my view was that he was obedient (about to kill his son) while suffering (he himself would kill his son). I can't believe I missed where Jesus was born seeing as I was raised Catholic. The Maimonides didn't sound Hindu so I guessed it was related to Judaism.
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