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It's really odd reading an article with liberals portrayed as being left wing. I guess that shows just how fucking up America really is.

    Most damning, perhaps, to the fancy liberal self-conception: Republicans score higher in susceptibility to persuasion. They are willing to change their minds more often.

Also love how this is used in favor of Republicans being more open minded instead of being "dumb and easy to manipulate hicks". I think the article would have been stronger leaving it out altogether.

No definitely not all trump supporters are like this. But there are enough to be scared of (see the poll results in another comment of mine in this post). Like with Muslims, I think go after the preacher that's radicalizing them.

Should trying and failing to make a bomb really be a lesser crime then trying and succeeding to make a bomb?

If it was a Muslim man police would have shot and killed him. White terrorist lives and gets only 90 days in jail.

This one was an act of terrorism, the other one is just intimidating speech. The fact is, more white supremacists and neo nazis support trump than any other presidential candidate.

    Data from Public Policy Polling show that a third of Mr. Trump’s backers in South Carolina support barring gays and lesbians from entering the country.

    The P.P.P. poll asked voters if they thought whites were a superior race. Most Republican primary voters in South Carolina — 78 percent — disagreed with this idea (10 percent agreed and 11 percent weren’t sure). But among Mr. Trump’s supporters, only 69 percent disagreed.

    70 percent of Mr. Trump’s voters in South Carolina wish the Confederate battle flag were still flying on their statehouse grounds.

    38 percent of them wish the South had won the Civil War

    Nearly 20 percent of Mr. Trump’s voters disagreed with Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which freed slaves in the Southern states during the Civil War.

Being afraid of trump supporters is rational behaviour if you're gay, lesbian, black, brown, transgender or any other disliked minority group.

Yea! Lets make up stuff that PrettyIceCube never said.

I don't think trump supporters need to be in a concentration camp at all. Trump shouldn't be allowed to run on a platform that's encouraging terrorism though. Same as how Muslim preachers that encourage terrorism shouldn't be allowed to preach.

Good job defending a literal terrorist buddy.

Remember how ridiculous it is that university students are afraid of trump supporters though. Definitely no reason for them to be afraid. No reason at all.

Nothing much really, just finished some dishes. It was a boring day today. Yesterday Mum and Dad came around to visit and I asked Mum to call me by my girl name, which went well.

Really sucks to hear about your father-in-law. I don't even know how I'd be able to interact with a family member that doesn't treat me like an equal.

Minority groups have every right to be afraid of the supporters of a cis supremacist, straight supremacist, white supremacist, man supremacist.

There's probably more trans people that look their gender than those that look their sex too, so if the new rules were magically enforced they would cause more problems, not less.

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