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As a Dane, I'd recommend the classic "Olsen-banden" series of movies.

Get English subtitles if you need them :)

I'd recommend an Ubuntu spinoff. Ubuntu itself is very bloated with its Unity desktop, but the spinoffs are much better

* Kubuntu - runs the KDE desktop which is a slick and full-featured desktop with lots of fancy animations

* Xubuntu - runs the XFCE desktop which is better for lower-powered machines but still runs AWESOMELY on newer computers, and I like the clean look of the desktop.

* Lubuntu - If you have a newer computer, you probably don't want this. This runs the LXDE desktop which is REALLY lightweight, but is very barebones.

All Ubuntu software and some Debian software will work on all of these. -- #flashgames #onlinegames #freegames

Same with

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