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Game developer and fanatic. I'm a huge fan of Nintendo and a bigger fan of the Legend of Zelda series. So you'll probably see me post a lot about those.

Some other topics of interest: Computers, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Procedural Generation, Psychology, Motivational Content, Minimalism, and any other topics that are related that I might have missed.

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Just stumbled across BeForU's 'Break Down', which I haven't heard in years. Been listening to their discography for the past couple days.

Yea, I apologize for that first comment. It was more of a snarky knee-jerk response of running across an anti-capitalism article when I just wanted to read cool stuff about the internet and the pirate bay guys.

I mean, it's pretty obvious they're anti-capitalism, but still. By "win this fight for the internet" I imagined they were talking about the rampant DMCA shit, random government takedowns of websites, etc. Not "ahh! people want to use capitalism on the internet!"

Obviously the internet itself is more in line with communism ideals, and indeed we see a natural push that way just in terms of how things function here. The problem is that it doesn't jive with modern society, and that capitalism is useful for getting to a state where communism can take over.

Capitalism doesn't work 'late game' but communism doesn't really work 'early game'. You need to make the switch at some point. And certainly the internet and automation will greatly help with that.

But to write off capitalism as evil and bad for the internet is silly. Most of the internet is literally piggybacking off of capitalism.

I have nothing against it. I'm just saying it won't work without either a complete dictatorship where there's not much freedom, or a society where people aren't required to work (aka a fully automated society).

In a post-singularity society, it works great. And the idea/appeal of it is great.

But either way my comment was more of pointing out that the article doesn't have much to do with the internet itself as it does hating capitalism. I clicked for an article on the internet, not communism.

Wait. You say Trump and Sanders aren't going to get elected? So you're saying it's gonna be Hilary?

Trumps the leading candidate on the right. If it's not him, none of the rest are going to make it. And for the left, it's just Bernie and Hilary.

TL;DR: The guy hates capitalism, blames it for all the problems in the world, and suggests an alternative model that doesn't reward progress in hopes that "robots will take care of everything".


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That's emoji, not emoticons. UTF-8 has them built in.

Nope. Because technically: 1. The measure of the spin of an electron may or may not be deterministic (depending on how things go). and 2. A "truly random event" is not willed, it's random.

I hold the position that free will is logistically impossible. Either it's free, which means it can't be willed. Or it's willed, which is inherently deterministic.

In order to have free will you must have a mechanism that functions based off the will of an agent. Meaning you'd need something external to physical reality, that then influences physical reality in a nondeterministic (that's also not random) way.

As I said, you have to defy physical determinism. But in the mean time, you need it to actually be willed.

It's very clear why free will can't be a thing. Will can be a thing. And certainly free will in terms of psychological agency over a body exists. But that 'free will' would be deterministic. Or perhaps random (but then it wouldn't be willed).

    You seem to think the term "free will " refers to some other concept. What do you think free will is?

The defying of physical determinism. That is, when presented with an option, there is no way to predict what the individual will choose (given the choice is free and the user wills something). If there's a way to predict, the choice was never free to begin with and thus is not free will.

What's being talked about here is psychological will, which is indeed deterministic.

You do the same thing as the human does: follow the damn rules of the road.

Why not free market with opt-in safety agencies? Have it so people can sell/buy them freely if they know what's up, and distributors can pay to have safety checks on their products which is then shown to the consumer.

Because as it stands, a lot of people just illegally buy the drugs from other countries where it's cheaper.

Best of both worlds, really.

It's called Halloween. Most people just opt for treats though. :P

    Have you ever tried taking a picture at night with an iPhone?

I don't have an iPhone. As far as night pictures go, they tend to vary. I don't take pictures at night though, no need.

    Does that look remotely close to what you're seeing with your eyes? If so, your eyes are pretty shit.

My vision at night sucks. But no, I haven't seen any camera be able to replicate what I see at night or at day. It's always a lot of fiddling and it's still off.

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