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Vegetable Frittata (in a Microwave)
NotPhil 845 days ago  ·  shared by 3
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Ingredients 2 tbsp butter

  1 onion, thinly sliced 
  4 asparagus stalks, sliced 
  3 mushrooms, sliced 
  ½ zucchini, sliced 
  6 eggs, beaten 
  Salt and pepper to taste
  ½ cup pepperoni, thinly sliced, optional

1. Cook butter and onion in an 8" quiche dish with 1000 watts for 3-4 minutes.

2. Add asparagus, mushrooms and zucchini. Heat with 1000 watts for 3½-4 minutes, stirring once.

3. Add eggs, seasonings, and if desired, pepperoni. Cover. Cook with 400 watts for 5½-7 minutes.

-- The Virtual Test Kitchen

NotPhil 758 days ago   ·   link

Someone must have some formidable Google Fu skills to have found this.

For anyone who follows that link here, you should cook the frittata longer than the recipe says. Try ten minutes at 400 watts or six minutes at 700 watts.

mk 845 days ago   ·   link

I'm going to try this one too.

NotPhil 845 days ago   ·   link

Frittatas are great. Add some shredded cheese in the last step, if you like.

mk 844 days ago   ·   link

Sounds like a plan. I'll report on it.

NotPhil 810 days ago   ·   link

I made this tonight:

I used only half an onion, so I decreased the watt-minutes in step 1 to 2'@1000 watts. I also added the half-cup of pepperoni and a half-cup of shredded cheese, so I increased the watt-minutes in step 3 to 9'@400 watts, then I let it stand for a couple of minutes.

mk 807 days ago   ·   link

Sorry, I missed this.

That looks delicious. Would you do anything different next time?

NotPhil 807 days ago   ·   link

I'd probably use the whole onion next time, substitute a different kind of squash for the zucchini, and increase the cooking time slightly, but it's a pretty good recipe.

thenewgreen 759 days ago   ·   link

I used to work in a northern Italian restaurant, they would often have frittatas on the menu for special. I've always wondered what differentiated a frittata from a quiche or even an omelette for that matter. What's the answer, do you know?

b_b 759 days ago   ·   link

Quiche has a crust, for one.

thenewgreen 759 days ago   ·   link

True, but what makes it different from an omelet? It's egg with various ingredients thrown in. In a restaurant setting, calling it a Frittata justifies an increase in price... that's about it.

NotPhil 758 days ago   ·   link

    what makes it different from an omelet?

Frittatas usually have some pasta in them (but this recipe doesn't). You also don't fold the eggs over the fillings, they're mixed together.

Cortez 758 days ago   ·   link

Man this thread is old, also I haven't been around much lately have anymore microwave recipes chief Phil.

NotPhil 758 days ago   ·   link

    anymore microwave recipes

My most recent find is here.

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