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comment by am_Unition
am_Unition  ·  359 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Who Is Left on Hubski?  ·  

31/m/tx, u?

I'm James. Working on finishing up my physics PhD. lil helped me with my grad school application letter! Apparently she did a great job, because it worked :).

Just got engaged about a week ago after an 8 year trial period with the best girl in the world. Looks like a courthouse, nuclear-family-only shindig, and then a backyards kegger for the 1 year anniversary or something. Pomp and circumstance ain't my thang.

Used some of my tax return to buy a Switch. flac, I'll be PM'ing you in a few days or weeks, depending on how long it takes me to get sick of BotW (could be months, I guess).

As for everyone else, if I'm in your neck of the woods sometime, I'll let you know, and maybe we can meet up. I just got back from Yosemite, and yeesh, it's gonna be tough to top that backdrop. Most beautiful place I've ever been. And before you ask, I managed to miss firefall, mostly because I was either snowboarding or watching PowerPoint presentations.

kleinbl00  ·  359 days ago  ·  link  ·  


Badgering you because I think I've been suggesting said-same for about four years now.

am_Unition  ·  359 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Well, you were right. After about one year with her, I pretty much knew it was meant to be, but I sure did play it really cool for the next seven.*

*not really though, we talked about our future lives together all the time :)

thenewgreen  ·  359 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Wow! I’ve been seeing you on Hubski forever it’s really cool to know your name. Congrats on the engagement, James. Let us know when you make it to one year. I’ll raise a glass to you and your bride.


flac  ·  359 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Totally feel you on the wedding, doing the same thing for my wedding (minus the year in between...)

BotW could keep you busy for a real long time, hmu whenever.