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Say what you will, he doesn't have to do what he does, and it's shitty to attack someone.

I don't think Elons plans will work out in the long run, but it's a whole lot better that he be looking to create a fantastic world than to sit around doing nothing with his money and efforts. He could just be making bank off paypay for the rest of his life, but he chose to do something better.

That's commendable, and to call this guy a villain or accuse him of hating the poor is a shitty thing to do.

That said, I'm all for criticizing his treatment of workers, the supposed ignoring of safety in factories, and the likes. This comic and tone just goes way too damn far and exaggerates the bad while ignoring the good.

I did not add any tags. I absolutely would never use a word like "misandry".

The answer is to shame them more.

    You also think alcohol is a right which just... ya. You know your country still have dry counties right ?

I do not support dry counties or even the stupid laws that ban alcohol early sunday morning.

I support their right to have a ban like that on a very local level, though, even if I would prefer that no county has a ban such as that.

I also recall you saying something akin to that small change gun control is a step on the path to very wide and broad gun control, so I really can't see you as a strong supported of limited gun control. In another few years, you'd be preaching for a ban if you got your way.

    A little humbleness or humility would have likely caused that woman to think twice about leaving a handgun out that morning because she would have understood that if something could go wrong she would have a dead child. Evidently her arrogance cost her.

Yeah, cost her. It's a tragedy and I'll feel bad about it to see people hurt by stupid decisions. However, if I were to buy a gun I'd lock it up in a safe, possibly with finger-print access and in my bedroom, and be sure to keep it from children.

That's a price of giving power to people. Some people are idiots. Some people make stupid mistakes. Some people do stupid things. We should seek to protect them and help them, not dismiss them as stupid, but we shouldn't seek to protect them from their own stupidity.

Arrogant idiots exist, but honest kind and intelligent people far outnumber them in both number and outcome. It's why liberal and free society is better than ones that attempt to restrict human nature and power. Human nature and power is good, not bad.

    It's the same bulllshit arrogant mentality that makes people believe they are just good at driving drunk and that they are above the law.

Perhaps this would be a good ground, as well as cars, from which to speak of gun control? Imagine if those who abused guns or were in stupid situations were treated as those who abused their rights to alcohol? Place gun control on those individuals after they act stupidly.

    Other countries have mental health problems, underfunded social programs, poor people, drug addicts without the ridiculous gun violence problems yours has.

But none of the drives to fix them that we do. Our mentally ill will shoot us dead. Our race riots can turn into race wars. We are not without teeth, and that's a great thing.

I don't honestly believe that reasonable restrictions on gun control will create a slow cultural trend towards banning guns as a whole. Respect for the danger of a weapon does not lead to a slippery slope towards the ban of it.

I think it's a great idea to, at the very least, mandate that all guns are stored in gun safes (or at least you have to own one to own the other), or for guns to be taxed with enough money to account for possible damage they can do and security measures their existence creates, and so on.

A tool makes the wielders powerful. We should have faith in the fact that giving power to people results in good. It will result in bad, as well, but the belief that more good will come than bad is the foundation for modern society as it is today.

I don't believe that good guys will beat out the bad guys or that more guns will solve school shootings. Instead I believe that these shootings are signs that things are bad, and need to be fixed. Ranging from a need for stronger mental health, to a need for news coverage and discourse on topics like this chasing attention rather than seeking to improve our society as a whole.

I believe in a society that values the power of the individual more than it does safety.

    If you want to have a culture of guns you seriously need to work on a culture of intelligence and humility first.

Generally you do not want to trust anyone who tries or wants to teach you a lesson in humility.

    , and slippery slope yadda yadda. But those arguments miss the point. It's not about an immediate decrease in numbers, it's about a slow cultural shift away from the glorification of guns

In other words, we are 100% in the right to oppose any gun restriction for any reason, as it will begin a slow cultural trend towards the removal of our rights.

I hate the fancy scrolling of the article. Text on a page works, leave it alone.

Opinion should count more than race. Diversity serves purpose, and opinion-based-diversity will get a lot more done than race-based diversity.