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It is the most [srs]

This is an old photo - I could take an updated one, if I remember,,,

Yeah it's the best rediscovering something wonderful

Tour de Japon - To Zanerkand - Nobuo Uematsu - Final Fantasy X

Lilium - Kumiko Noma - Elfen Lied (Anime Opening)

Lulluby Set - Braid

Flute guy

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Yeah ~ things change and people often only like how it used to be,,

I've only seen the 1st season of DeathNote, but I loved it a lot @u@

Adventure Time - It's ridiculous at times, has some heavy moments, mixtures of emotions (like strange/gross/creepy/cute/etc)

Black Books - U.K. amazingness~ go watch it now~ @u@

Community - College! woo~

Freaks and Geeks - When I was young, I resonated with the geeks, I watched the series recently and resonated with Lindsay and her friends, also their conservative parents/ family/ family friends

Invader Zim - It's ridiculous and dark~

Death Note - Introvert battle of wits, world domination, adorable vampire guy living in a basement

Azumanga Daioh - It's made of cute, and funny/ crazy/ subtle/ humour at times

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Because I'm a gay hipster man and why the hell not; is cute, I love some recesses of the community - first and only escapades into a fandom~

Black Mirror/ Walking Dead/ GoT - Holy crap, finally the s***ty TV bubble has burst, and companies are making something awesome and then having a monopoly on viewership and competing with whatever follows suit - these episodes are like movie-quality, awesome~ yay darkness, violence and feeling things ~

DeviantART Gallery - lots of muscly hairy naked homo-erotic men ~

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Ahyes, sorry about that,, I just like writing.. and I was too lazy to transcribe it,,,

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