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Weight loss is all about mass balance. Calories in = Calories out + accumulation. As a general rule, if you eat less than your body uses, you will lose weight. if you can combine less calories in (eat less calories) with more calories out (increase your base metabolic rate and exercise), you should see the amount of accumulation decrease. The trick is to make the balance work for you so that you stay healthy.

That said, unless you're willing to make a sustained change to your lifestyle, calorie reduction will get you to your goal if you stick with it but you'll just gain it all back if you go back to your old habits.

For healthy, stick to foods that are less processed. For delicious, pick foods that you like. For weight loss, try and find less calorie dense foods (same amount of food, less calories) and foods that have a low GI index (evens out the food delivery to your system so the calories last longer).

klin  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How do you make your brew?

I'm currently brewing something similar to press pot or French press. Fresh beans are ground to a coarse/medium grind. Boiling water is added to them in a pyrex measuring cup. I aim for 30 g of coffee to about 500 mL of water. Steep for 3 min. Pour off coffee through a fine (very fine) mesh strainer. My yield is about 400 mL. I find the coffee to be a bit cleaner than press pot but still full flavoured. Also saves me from having to get a press pot.