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Programmers would disagree with your sentiment. And they will be the ones with the most job opportunities, along with engineers, and others in applied sciences in the near future.

Meanwhile tangible goods will be created by robots, robots that are made by engineers and programmers.

What you're talking about -- finding work that is personally satisfying, is something people would and should do as a hobby, or once something like UBI is in place. It's not entirely fantasy. There are less and less jobs due to automation. We will have to solve this problem eventually. I guess the alternative is total economic collapse.

I just read a pretty good short story from Tor. It's written in second person, which seems to be pretty rare in books.

Agreed. The only significant change I see so far is that it's bluer than before.

jmiv  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Should I Watch?: Godzilla (2014)

    I should just watching Pacific Rim again.

I didn't bother reading about your review of Godzilla. I just came here to say that. Why watch anything with giant robot vs. monsters fights when you got Pacific Rim.

If you like big robots, watch Pacific Rim. If you like giant monsters, watch Pacific Rim. If you like big fights involving big robots and giant monsters, watch Pacific Rim. If you like Ultra Man, Gundam, Godzilla, anything related to Japanese mecha and kaiju films, watch Pacific Rim. If you like a movie that doesn't involve some distracting over-sexualized porn scenes but focuses on big robots and giant monsters and fights, watch Pacific Rim. If you like anything remotely sci-fi, probably should also watch Pacific Rim. If you like Hong Kong, watch Pacific Rim and play "where's this place?" as you watch Pacific Rim. There's simply no reason to watch Godzilla when there's Pacific Rim.

So I agree, just watch Pacific Rim again. It was silly of you to watch Godzilla instead of simply watching Pacific Rim.

This sort of passive-aggressive "movement" should be discouraged, and it is also the reason why I have to refrain from calling myself a feminist.

How about just learn to socialize and simply say NO? It is a skill, but it's not just a female problem. You gotta do that when people of whatever sex asks if they can borrow your money too you know. You don't see people making a fake number for that.