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I know a lot a people with ADHD (including myself) and most of them do not participate in ADHD communities because the disorder is not a big part of how they identify in life. They just accept and deal with their ADHD as best they can and get on with things.

I have ventured in /r/adhd from time to time and even commented on posts, but mostly I don't feel like the community has anything to offer me. I don't need any support and I've accepted who I am, so I participate in other communities that actually interest me.

Personally, I do both. I work a 9-5 using my skills to earn a living for myself. I also founded and help run a non-profit hackerspace. The job makes me money, and the hackerspace lets me give back to the community.

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Hi I'm new too. Just trying to figure out how everything works here at the moment.