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im an american kindergaten teacher, living in yokohama and working in tokyo for the past 10 years, and i have no plans to ever leave. talk to me about really good books, really bad movies, punk rock, legos, video games, or everyday life in japan. do not talk to me about pokemon or tentacle porn.

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everything yucky is best dealt with according to the definitions of yucky and not yucky as decided upon by the community. things categorised as yucky need only to be described as such, and require no explanation. logical arguments, while inherently yucky, are often turned about to support illogical points e.g. the theory of evolution is only a "theory", not fact.

tldr: to them, it IS scientific fact. theres just a semantic problem. this problem will not likely be resolved.

i am exactly the same on or off; the online problem is reading sarcasm. the offline problem is reading deadpan. sigh. i am considered difficult both on and offline, and its your fault.

i dont remember, but i have seen video footage of me, at 2, dancing to this:

i still love it to this day. then my older cousin bought me kiss records, and my dad started collecting hip hop that his students at school were talking about. i knew the kiss discography as well as everything new by run dmc, doug e fresh, the fat boys, etc by age 5.

all that said, i like doug e fresh 'the show' as my first love.

yes! and this is not well known in the US, but its great! dj set though...

its been a while.. the NO DANCE thing: DJs create sets that set a mood over a period of time... most rock/pop/rap/etc albums are a collection of individual songs, set in an order to best fit that same kind of mood swing. if you wanna go way back, opera does the same; modern music is often short attention span. sometimes, though, artists create an "album" and not just a collection of 12 random songs. i was looking for the album ones.

division bell? im gritting my teeth...

sigh, did LOL at this one, but only because im also drunk. least sexy full nude? im gonna cheat on this one, but lemme see what i can do..

ok that was a smile... thanks though.

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i got sick of reddit about a year ago and quit... signed up again about a month ago, got "shutup libtard" on my first comment, couldnt figure out where i was for a second, havent been back.

"Heidi has told me she is very upset by the sites and she turns her head away when WE HAVE THEM ON THE COMPUTER SCREEN."


i was the broke guy in college washing his socks with bar soap in the shower. that being said, Im fairly sure I purchased 90% of my college textbooks (and my kindbud) from basketball/football players who had the uncanny ability to walk into bookstores, get books at no cost without stealing, and then sell them to me for a fraction of the cost. i know that SOMEONE, including myself, is paying for these books, but given the current system, I wouldn't have had them if it weren't for college athletics.
I'll let my family know that they're in the clear.