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    They are both, I suppose.
I don't really know what you meant but after considering it I think that an initial condition that required the oversimplification of a problem would be something like this: all actions are either completely egoistic or completely altruistic
    I gave them as examples where altruistic and selfish components are muddled, and the interpretation would differ between people.

As I think about it more I think that an egoist would have a clear answer about what to do when faced with such problems. You seem to be saying though that this is the result of an oversimplification such as the initial condition suggested above. What I don't understand is how that is part of the problem in your opinion. When I read what you are saying it seems that you want to argue that problems are not as simple as egoists see them and that you support this by listing problems that you think are more complicated. That you perceive some problems to be more complicated is entailed in your initial stated opinion but it doesn't help me to understand why these problems are more complicated or demonstrate that they really are.

I'm sorry if I am missing something but I don't see a Žižek video anywhere.

I never made any demands on your time. I think that the minimal effort to find out what you think would be to read your justification of your opinions rather than a discourse on sexuality by Foucault. When I want to read Foucault I can go to a library.

I'm sorry if I don't understand but aren't these examples of problems rather than examples of initial conditions that require the oversimplification of problems?

Am I correct to think that you mean to say Ayn Rand has a clear idea of the correct action in such situations? That these problems can not be solved only by considering only whether a suggested solution is selfish or altruistic? If I am correct to say that then does this not beg the question?

I thought it must have been accidental. To say anything about all of human interaction takes much contemplation. To provide a counterexample to claims about all of human interaction often really doesn't take much contemplation.

Can you tell us some examples of initial conditions that require the oversimplification of problems?

If you are speaking in a code it is one that I don't understand. I might read that pdf at some point but I had hoped that you could just offer a quick summary of your opinions.
Do you really think that there is no human interaction such that it is entirely selfish?
That does not appear to offer much detail about what you think. Should I guess that you think some topics lie outwith the bounds of philosophy?
Care to go into some detail about this?
garyb  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: An Extraordinary Boss
I am happy to say that I work for someone who qualifies as extraordinary according to this criteria. Sadly I also work in an organization with many others who qualify as average.
It renders the quiz an excellent measure of determination.

I had to stop when I saw that awful bar at the foot of the page reload for the third time. It might have been easier if I could develop sidebar blindness to go with my banner blindness.

I will never know but I dare say that I am a bit smarter than whoever designed that ghastly website.
garyb  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Semicolon: a language of semicolons
Brainfuck is still alive and well. You might notice that vapor.js has been ported to brainfuck.

Upon seeing semicolon my first thought was that it is a shame that you can't generate semicolon code using brainfuck.