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Sure, ISPs are known scumbags. But what makes VM providers so trustworthy? Are they outside the government's reach? If anything, it's easier to monitor them - they're all in a few buildings. A gateway-VM model would by nature require the VMs to be more distributed.

It wouldn't; surfing would be unaffected. It's also the least interesting thing the internet can be used for.

This brings to mind something I'd really like to see: it should be standard practice for ISPs to offer VMs that act as the gateways for the actual last mile connection to the user's home. It's cheaper for ISPs to offer bandwidth at their facility than to send data all the way down residential lines just to come right back. I think this could revolutionize the internet by making p2p viable for more applications and much more efficient for what it already does; how much more usable would Tor be if all three hops didn't have to loop pointlessly to someone's house (over whatever shit connection that may entail) and back? If course, I don't see this happening any time soon; customers don't know they want it.

Edit: this is actually much more doable now than I thought, because it doesn't necessarily require ISP cooperation. I looked up my CenturyLink IP and it's consistent with a Qwest datacenter that offers colo; that's all I need for the "computer in the webs, interfaces at home" model I was looking for.

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The PNAS abstract doesn't say anything about the degree of correlation, but that scatter plot looks ridiculous - the correlation between the variables looks much smaller than the std deviation of the data, as it would be if the researchers' assessment of "self-control" were completely unrelated to future DNA methylation. Is this field of science too soft for the concept of statistical significance?

Lolwut. A non-blinded survey of completely subjective ratings? Try sugar pills folks; they're cheaper, likely just as effective, and much less likely to cause Alzheimer's.

But it has web scales!

> I also think there should be a site-wide word filter that prevents certain words from being displayed, regardless of who wrote them.

This could be cool if it's more of a map than a filter. For example, I don't like the number 7; I'd like to have all instances of 7 replaced with "over 9000"

Oh, I'm not very serious. Your cow suits scenario just made me think of the Witch House (along the lines of Fever Ray, usually an interesting live experience) and Noise Rock (I never got it) and Really Sketchy Basement Situations (oh man) sort of stuff I encountered around there.

> except that this infuriates and chases away users who want real discussion.

I think the joke is that it would do so less than most actual comment sections...

Hm. Could be eviler... What if that were the only easy way to win? Make the player feel like they're not just playing a dark game, but they have chosen darkness.

It sounds like you're familiar with the Providence music scene! I miss that town.

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