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Hah! Never expected to see courthouse news service mentioned on a non-legal-centric site. When I lived in Berkeley I became friends with one of their reporters. I'll have to let him know I saw this. :)

dakth  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Tor Fixes in Progress

I see. Thank you. :)

dakth  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Tor Fixes in Progress

I'm not all that TOR-savvy. I've always wondered, is one only protected when visiting .onion sites? Or any site, so long as its within a safe, secure browsing environment?

Funny thing about that, I've scratched plenty of PS3 game discs bought there, and have never had an issue getting them replaced at no cost. All I had to do was send the discs back within a month of receiving the replacements.

Additionally, Amazon is steadily climbing up to Walmart's level (some might argue it's there already) and it IS taking customer satisfaction seriously. And if you're old enough to remember Walmart before Sam Walton died and his bastard kids took over, then it should be pretty clear that Walmart got big because it was so consumer-centric, much like Amazon is today. It didn't start down the path of the evil leviathan corporation until Walton was six feet under and his offspring grabbed hold of the reigns.

Honestly, I don't see this happening at all. If you have even the most minor issue after receiving a purchase, Amazon will spare no expense to ensure your satisfaction. I've never had an experience with Walmart that even begins to compare to those I've had with Amazon.

For example: I bought a Kindle from Amazon 4 years ago, and a few months back I accidentally cracked its casing. After calling up to see if they would offer a discount for a replacement, I was delighted when the rep told me that they would replace it -- sans return -- at no cost to me.

Just imagine trying to return a 4 year old purchase to Walmart. You'd be laughed all the way home.

I'm okay with this. Prime is worth every penny, in my opinion, and if this gets more people to sign up for it (thereby giving the entertainment industry more reason to license content to stream free on Prime), then that's a definite plus.

Now, if they did this and didn't have Prime? That'd be different. However, my experiences as an Amazon customer leave me with no reason to complain. Their tendency to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction would balance it all out even if there was no Prime service.