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I hope, as said, the Civil War won't be such a big deal like the Revolutionary War is now in 50 years. Imagine a wonderful world that doesn't have the racial problems we have now! That would be incredible!

I'm adding this book to my summer reading list! Thanks for the link. Its definitely worth the hour to listen.

Thank you! This is a great start for me! I'm following The Great War on youtube which discusses what happened this week 100 years ago in the war. Its fascinating and has referenced John Keegan before.

Before I graduated, I tried to get into a Russian history class, starting with the beginning of the Russian Empire in the 1700s. Sadly, I was unable to get in and that's been an itch I haven't been able to scratch yet!

Thank you for your suggestions!

Exactly! I live in the NW so a lot of the books that come my way are based from around here. The change of scenery is refreshing but mainly educating and enlightening!! It's wonderful! That's one reason I really enjoyed The Joy Luck Club. Books like that, definitely Drown, really give me a sense of what daily life is like in another culture.

I'm reading Drown by Junot Diaz. It's amazing and I'm so addicted. lowfe posted a list of books. I'm just going down the list. It started with The Joy Luck Club and I knew it would be good. Thank you!!!

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Including the cold coffee.

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