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I just like kubrick.

I don't think so, reddit can surely be awful but that is manly because of reddit reasons: especially the karma system and the fact that people tend to downvote when they disagree. this makes discussions non-existing because people with differing opinions either get downvoted to hell, or are afraid of that. but outside of reddit I have never had this problem, so no.

not yet, but a it got a lot of mixed reactions which, in my opinion, makes at least worth watching. anything else I might want to know going in?

most of my subs weren't even blacked out, but this seemed like a nice chance to look for an alternative to reddit. the hostile environment and obsession with karma always annoyed. but anyways, I'm a 18 year old Dutch guy, I am really into movies, like books and doing things either on my own or with friends.

Strangelove  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Where are you?

currently in the Netherlands but in about a week I'll be going on a holiday to the Czech Republic with some friends. pretty exited about that.