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Dang that's catchy as hell. I'm not a big fan of the vocals though haha. Other than that it's really good! What other music outside the post-punk genre would you recommend?

I've never heard of them. Who are their influences?

Especially since I want to be an infantry marine, but with all this drama with ISIS (well, more than drama; people being beheaded), my mom would rather I join the air force or the navy. Such a confusing time for me.

The issue is keeping people from /r/fatpeoplehate out of other subreddits. If those subs are there, so are the users.

I only know about them because of Interpol to be honest haha.

To be honest I'd prefer another Red Dead completely unrelated to Redemption. A fresh start.

Instead of repeaters there would be grenade launchers.

I can only imagine what modding will look like in a western video game.

There will be no sequel, just the same universe I would think. If you're planning on playing the next Bully or Red Dead, I would suggest playing the FIRST Bully and play Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar strives for originality, so I'd hope they don't make the next Red Dead some typical "shoot 'em up" western about a deranged bounty hunter. Something real and authentic, and not so far-fetched. I'm not sure about Bully though, because that was a pretty strange one (in a good way).

The birth of the Wild West didn't necessarily take affect until the mid-late 1870's. That would be very interesting! Some people have suggested that it take place during the prohibition era (which would just make it another GTA, so it's probably a no-go). I think the next Red Dead should be the last one. What, really, is there more to say after the next one?

I'm sorry if I came across as condescending (which I did). I do really like this website a lot more, because of how open everyone is.