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I follow the Cards pretty closely as well. Lived there for a few years, close proximity, need an NL team, etc. I'm excited we got Price and it looks like David Glass is actually willing to shell out some dough, so maybe a few things to look forward to.

Right, that's the nail on the head. It's not incompatible with anything, they're just statistics for crying out loud.

Royals, unfortunately. Won the series my year of birth, downhill ever since.

Oh nice post, I'm new here so didn't catch it. But yeah, I seriously can't believe how many writers/scouts/fans STILL 'aren't buying into' Sabermetrics. Like...what the hell else do you need to see??

Well I think some, if not most, of these guys are intelligent and understand baseball, but as Goldmine alluded to, they're trying to use their ballots to make a statement. And that shit just shouldn't fly. BoobsAreAwesome brought up some good points too- make the votes publicly available and take away votes from anyone who turns in a blank ballot.

Agree wholeheartedly on the "suspicion of use" part. I also thought they brought up a really good point with the amphetamine use by old-timers. I mean, shit, if steroids existed and were accessible back then, do we really think those guys wouldn't have used them?? And yeah, the Piazza snub got me super fired up as well. The guy was one of my childhood icons!

I don't understand why there ISN'T transparent voting yet. Even the NCAA coaches' poll is transparent, right?

Also, can find a list of popular/trending topics under 'community' on the left.

This decision concerned a letter-agreement made in 2001 between WB and the Seigels, rather than the 1938 sale. The Siegels are still entitled to some income from the Superman brand I believe, probably according to the terms of the original sale.

This is exactly the kind of discussion I come here for.

Check #recipes, some guy posts microwave-only recipes. There's a microwave here, right?

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It is me! Check out the faq on the left. It helps a bit.