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Dream-Theater  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What is your irrational fear?

Mannequins. I think that the moment my back is turned, those fuckers are going to come to life and grab me on the shoulder.

I think it's called "autonomophobia"

I have quite a diverse taste in music, however it basically stems from my love of metal, in particular, progressive/power, speed, symphonic power metal etc.

My diversity lends itself to classical, choral, even opera. Not something I listen to all that often, however they are on my Pandora playlist.

So, favourite genre(s) and album(s):

Progressive Metal Dream Theater - Metropolis Part 2

Power Metal Edguy - Theater of Salvation

Progressive Rock Pink Floyd - Dark Side of The Moon

Music is a definite outlet for me, these are simply some albums in my collection I find myself going back to on a very frequent basis.

Pink Floyd - The Wall Pink Floyd - Dark Side of The Moon

These two albums. The wall because I can particularly relate to Comfortably Numb, it's a song that I can literally unwind and lose myself to.

Dark Side of The Moon for the same above reason. Pink Floyd were always able to really express passion and feeling in their music, which is something I can struggle with myself as a person. I almost feel as if it's a "reaching out" moment.

Dream-Theater  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What are your morning routines?

Two simple yet overly advertised words.

Red Bull.

I'd pump it in my veins if I could, I feel I can't function without it. (And I'm obviously aware it isn't very healthy for me, but I can't drink coffee everyday).

Yeah I agree. That start by Massa though! I think he held Bottas up a little bit, thus giving the Mercs a much better chance. Having said that, Hamilton picked the absolute perfect time to switch to inters.

I always admire their driving ability when on slicks on a wet track.

Annoyed about Ricciardo having to retire, but was glad to see McLaren pick up a point.

ABC cartoons!

I fondly remember Monkey Magic, Bananaman, Superted, Rugrats, Captain Planet, Roger Ramjet, Bangers and Mash and The Ferals.

It was definitely the highlight after school, sitting in front of the TV with a snack before dinner time.

Ahh the memories.

I'm hoping Nico can get off the line and beat Lewis. I used to be a big supporter of Hamilton, but he's definitely been acting like a princess in my opinion since moving to Mercedes.

Williams must have made huge progress in testing, because I would have expected Ferrari to be 3 and 4.

And come on Aussie Dan! Bit of a bummer for the penalty, but I'm hoping he can aim for a stronger result. Poor fella is definitely frustrated with the lack of power and reliability of the Renault power unit.

Yeah absolutely. I think just the fact that attending a race, and having a huge variety of different sounds would make it far more enjoyable.

I would love to see a much wider range on engines. I love the sound of the current V6 turbos, however I miss the sound of the 3L V10, and absolutely adore the sound of the old Alfa flat-12.

My recommendation would be as follows:

- Allow use of any engine configuration, however has to comply to certain displacement depending on said engine configuration.

- Regulations that were far less limited for aero. I think the current regs are far to restrictive, and in my opinion, is pushing another potential "ground effects/double diffuser" moment from being discovered.

As a side point, for someone who is heavily into F1, the current setup is not doing the fans any favours. The current working group is failing, and loosing fans as a result.

Simpsons. I can never get enough of that show, in particular some of the older episodes. They still crack me up 20-odd years later.

Dream-Theater  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Who drives a stick shift?

I currently have both. My company utility is auto, and my personal car is manual.

I definitely prefer manual. One, I feel much more in control of the car, and there's something about the whole mechanical process of changing gears yourself.

I've also owned a 330rwhp/250rwkw Nissan 180sx, which I used on several circuits in Victoria, Australia, and an auto simply wouldn't have cut it for that style of driving. My current car (Mazda 6 MPS) is a bit of weekend release for me, and if that were auto, I'd almost feel as if I was driving my company car around, albeit a fair bit quicker.

Plus, heel toe is fun!

I currently own an Spanish acoustic guitar and an electric bass. I say own rather than play as I've struggled to find motivation as of late.

I have been playing for around 15 years, however I taught myself, and can't read music, only tabs. With my acoustic, I absolutely love finger picking, however I feel I've run out of talent, unless of course I bite the bullet and get some lessons. I really should, because I'm crazy about my music, and is a very mellowing experience for me.