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That does put it more in context. It would of been nice to play it when it was released. Sadly I missed that opportunity and trying to play Half Life 2 now is difficult due to the (in my opinion) slightly dated feel to the combat system.

Ahh I see, that would make a lot of sense! I can see why people are so eager to get some closure then.

DStow  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: 3D printers beginning to impact the ISS

This is really cool stuff. The application of a functional 3D printer in space would be great. As the article says, it makes items much cheaper which for a government funded operation such as NASA this would hopefully allow for their budget to be pushed onto other exciting projects!

I wouldn't be surprised if this was to stop another company claiming the trademark and trying to hold it hostage. On a side note, I have never really got into the half life series. What was all the hype about?