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Yeah, it kinda degraded the experience that Valve originally set out to do. It used to be very stylistic and served as a game mechanic so each character had a very specific set of guns. The hard strengths and weaknesses were easy to tell in the most chaotic of gun fights. Now I don't mind some of the alternatives they had (like the backburner to the regular flamethrower) because it only slightly tweaked the original weapon sets. However, to completely change the play style of the character becomes a detriment to the game. There was no need to turn the demoman into a melee sword character or to give each character 10+ weapons to choose from for each of the primarys/secondaries/melee.

That said, it still is a fun game but it definitely has lost some fundamentals as time passed. Just like any actively updating game, if you don't keep up means you will always be at a disadvantage.

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Most people are not going to find a full replacement for reddit because it still offers a ton of news/content. However, my participation on reddit has been radically reduced.

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Zelda is not even releasing this year. This list has no credibility and is ridiculously biased.

I'm not 100% leaving reddit but the time spent is going to be reduced. I'm going to avoid the comment section and check on the smaller subreddits for news of stuff I enjoy. If I want to talk about something I'm going to do it here.

I love the fact that fallout is based on physical world locations. I live in Las Vegas and it's amazing to be able to see these locations in this game. It is a wonderful combination of realism and fantasy that actually makes the overall experience that much more worth it. I'm not just talking about the familiar landmarks that everyone knows. There is a particular desert stretch south from the starting area that is flat and barren. I used to drive by that area when I was younger and it really caught my attention. It's not just buildings but the geography as well.

I really need to play this game again.

Smash 4 is by far has the most content out of all the smash games with now 53 characters. With all the rules, game modes, custom maps, final destination stages, a complete portable version and 8 player smash honestly makes it the best one in my book. Sure the other games have their place but Nintendo has really outdone themselves with this one.

Yeah, having a meaningful discussion rarely happens on reddit and often it's just those who want to pick a fight. I'm glad this site is not another Reddit clone, it's better than that. You can't downvote and upvotes have greater weight to them. The lack of subcommunities actually unifies the site and prevents stupid moderation and censorship.

I never liked apple because when I was younger I could play all my games on a windows desktop. I could not wrap my head around the fact people were paying double for a computer that had half the features of windows. Now they do have more options now that multiplatforming has become big but still I rather have more than less for the money spent on it.

Well at least the app will be there when you are ready to upgrade your phone. I'm not super worried about it though because phone games don't offer the amazing experience as a console/computer game.

I have an android and can't play it either.

Yeah, not the best solution but definitely better than none. Since Windows 10 is coming out I bet I can nab a Windows 7 key dirt cheap until I need to upgrade.

There is always something better coming out. Not to say the stuff we have is bad because somethings, like my galaxy S4, will last a long time because I won't need the new features. However, as performance and speed increases means that electronics outdate very quickly and some people really do want the new shiny thing. I find that spending a little bit more money on electronics to get ahead tends to last much longer.

Another problem with biodegradable electronics I can see is some of the metals used are either toxic or something we should be recycling anyways. While it be neat to see the plastic waste be reduced, it doesn't prevent the other waste from contaminating the environment. At least it is a start but not a full solution.

Awesome. All I need is a Windows OS cheap. Guess I should start saving money now.