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I think khaaan is right...maybe your descent is too fast.
Nobody said it would be shocking or "different." It's just nice to actually see. The way the albumen stays attached to the yolk did surprise me.
Try some meditation perhaps. You seem like you don't give your brain the chance to cool down!
CosmicSamurai  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski Update: Goodbye columns.
This is definitely an improvement over the columns.
CosmicSamurai  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Social Media Diet
You will come back with a clearer head, and happier I suspect.
Very good point. A Pakistani life is not considered to be as valuable as an American one, that's the long and short of it. They're just typecasted as "the people who hate America and harbor terrorists." And 100 citizens dying in a year would be considered "minimal collateral damage."
These announcements are well-timed...this just so happens to be an election year. Not that I'm siding with Pakistan or Taliban or Al Qaeda, but this "program" seems more like an assassination list they're working down. It's a bit sinister.
I've only been on Hubski a few weeks, but I'm amazed to find how respectful its constituents are (i.e. you guys). The sarcasm on other mediums (especially Reddit) is appalling.

Anyway, on the topic itself, just imagine if governments were not corrupt...we have already come pretty far if you think of the massive infrastructure and systems (education, healthcare etc) governments have already implemented. None of it is perfect, but half of it wouldn't have happened if the private sector was just left to do its own thing. The private sector would simply milk everything dry if they are left to their own devices. The private sector has its role to play but they can't be left to their own devices with the expectation that market forces will serendipitously make everything balance perfectly.

In case of alien invasion.
Oops, oversight on my part. Just goes to show the popularity of the Beatles in our culture.
The Kia CEO even said that the question to ask is whether these "Likes" and adverts paid for on Facebook actually amount to a sale. It largely depends on what you sell. But thing is people don't log on to look at ads or shop; they log on to see what their friends and pseudo friends are doing.
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