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Haha sorry for being vague. I was tripping out on how often I look something up on Wikipedia and how I learn those things affects who I am. I'm sure I would be different if I didn't have that resource- the faith I have in my chosen method of epistemology affects who I become, and that faith gets stronger when the sources I can draw on are stronger (-or at least appear stronger! )

Really all I was saying is learning things changes who you are, it's just weird to me how many of the things I learn have come through this one organization!

If it helps you think about it, I make $9.5 wage and I gave him $8. Just an hour's labor after tax. It doesn't have to be much and you get to have an affect on the political process. Originally I gave him a dollar and his campaign hit me up for three dollars a month later. Try it and see if you like it, see if it feels like it was worth it, you can always give more.

That's so interesting, I never even thought about the editing process.

I owe a huge part of personal identity to Wikipedia.