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comment by kleinbl00
kleinbl00  ·  33 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: These moments totally happened at the GOP primary debate

"The Chinese are spending hundreds of millions of dollars developing ethnic bioweapons and WE are developing ethnic bioweapons that's what all those labs in Ukraine are about, they're collecting Russian DNA, they're collecting Chinese DNA so that we can target whole people by race."


"there is an argument that COVID-19 is ethnically targeted" is bad enough what he's got there is full-blown precious bodily fluids nonsense.

See here's the thing. You're surrounded by smart people. You're an officer at a biomedical startup FFS. You're married to a doctor. You have, at arm's reach, a gobsmacking amount of medical expertise. Instead you are championing a guy parroting Putin's talking points.

    He pretty clearly says that he doesn’t know if it’s deliberate.

No he pretty clearly exaggerates a bunch of nonsense that not even RT was willing to fully commit to.

    I’d be shocked if nation states weren't developing targeted bioweapons.

'k dude you know what a "targeted" disease is? SIckle-cell anemia. 93% of patients who suffer from sickle-cell disease are African American. Why? Sickle-cell trait is prophylactic against malaria. And yet. 7 percent of patients with sickle-cell disease are not African-American. bioweapons are tactically (and, frankly, strategically) useless to begin with; an "ethnic bioweapon" that affects 7% of people who aren't your targeted ethnicity is Hugo Drax nonsense.

Know who COVID targets? Poor people. And not very accurately, I might add. First hiccup in my life from COVID (other than catching it) was a movie I was doing post on got pushed because one of the millionaire producers up and died within 3 days of symptoms.

You're smarter than this.

thenewgreen  ·  33 days ago  ·  link  ·  

It’s odd to me that suggesting nations are creating bio-weapons is controversial. Not exactly new terrain

This entire thread started with me wishing we had debates on the dem side. Reasonable desire. I’d love to see RFK Jr, Newsom and others debate Biden. If he’s not up to the task, we as a nation should be made aware. I know the canned reply is that no sitting President gets primaried. I don’t think I’d feel this need if we had a President that was ever in front of the press.

I am not a democrat, never have been even though it’s the only party I’ve ever voted for. I feel no affiliation or loyalty to the DNC. I do feel loyalty to ideals. Ideals that have been championed by the left for decades: Freedom of speech, right to privacy, that we need to be good stewards of our planet, I believe in strong and independent media, I believe money should be kept out of politics. I believe the revolving door between policy makers and corporate lobbyists needs to close.

No one candidate embodies all of these things. I’ve donated money to several politicians and even Andrew Yangs forward party and I’ve done so based on their policy stances not on the party they belong to.

I think there’s a lot of, “we have to support Biden cause if not, then trump. Fuck that. I’m tired of the DNC not listening to or trusting the electorate. Any former Bernie supporters will know what I mean.

A large part of my donating to Kennedy is to try and force the hand of the dnc to allow debates. I know the canned response is, “that’s exactly what the right wants.” Well, then I’m in alignment.

I truly believe that if trump is the candidate he will win against Biden but would lose handedly against almost any other candidate.

I’m tired. I don’t much enjoy Hubski these days. Really miss the old days. It’s a bummer. I wish you and the family well. Gonna peace out for a while.


kleinbl00  ·  33 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Let's take a step back:

The only criticism I leveled above is the notion that RFK's statements, in that clip you linked, are anything other than pseudoscientific dezinformatsiya straight from the Kremlin. I leveled this criticism on the idea that ethnically-targeted bio-weapons are nonsense. And I say this personally knowing people whose entire job it was to evaluate hostile foreign bio-weapons for USAMRIID.

All the rest of your tag cloud here is about other stuff. It is answers to questions I didn't raise. it is attitudes about subjects I haven't brought up.

I will say this: it is my measured and informed opinion that RFK Jr is the very definition of a useful idiot.. And I will say this: RFK Jr. does not share your ideals. The Kennedys are a transactional family, none more transactional than RFK Jr. He spent what, 15 years as in environmental law? Why isn't he running on the environment? Think about it for a minute. How hard would GenZ lean into a candidate who said "I am a single-issue candidate and my issue is climate change"? But that's not where he's getting his attention from. Because it's not the attention he wants.

Biden will absolutely debate. He will debate any opponents, Republican or otherwise, under the terms of debate agreed upon by the opposing parties. You know that, I don't need to remind you. It's 2023, man. We're a long, long road from there. And you're giving to RFK Jr. to, I dunno, somehow alter history? Show me the debates here.

Biden has not done a lot of press conferences. He's also been dealing with States of the Union where this is the standard level of decorum:

All that to say, "I don't like biden because he doesn't do a lot of press conferences" is telegraphing pretty loud that you don't like Biden for _________________________ (whatever reason is convenient in the moment). I'm not going to tell you to like Biden.

But I am going to tell you that you're too clever to take on RFK Jr's baggage just because you think Biden is old.